Who Is Lil Wayne Dating Now? Relationship Status Revealed!

Lil Wayne’s real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., and he has been with and married several different women. We’ll go over every relationship he’s had over the years, and the list will be comprehensive. His dating history includes almost forty women; indeed, the first time we saw that figure, we were given the finger-wagging.

Award-winning rapper Lil Wayne has established a strong reputation for himself in the industry. There are undoubtedly many people who enjoy his music, and it is quite inspiring to witness a young man who began working in this field at the age of 11 and has achieved such remarkable success.

Kameron Carter, Dwayne Carter III, Reginae Carter, and Neal Carter are the four children he is the father of; their moms are all different. This is the perfect spot to go if you’re searching for a detailed examination of his dating background.

Who is Lil Wayne Dating Now?

As of 2023, Lil Wayne is not currently dating anyone. His previous romantic partner began their relationship in 2020 and was named Denise Bidot. That being said, in January 2022, the pair parted ways. Thanks to his extensive dating history, Lil Wayne’s girlfriends are easy to forget.

An additional partnership is anticipated by fans in the near future! With his more seasoned groupmates, Carter was able to hold his own despite being the youngest member. His talent was immediately apparent.

Gritty, and Southern sounding, the record was warmly appreciated and laid the groundwork for the group’s future success. He has had multiple marriages and divorces throughout the years, in addition to romance rumors and verifiable ones.

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Lil Wayne’s Dating History

For your convenience, we will be taking you through each relationship in chronological order by using a chronology for all of his partnerships. Although Wayne has a history of adultery, take in mind that some of the dates may overlap.

Who Is Lil Wayne Dating

Toya Johnson (1996-2006)

Toya Johnson was Lil Wayne’s first love interest. In 2004, they tied the knot after becoming high school sweethearts. As of November 1998, they had a daughter named Reginae. In 2004, they tied the knot.

Tonja Johnson and Lil Wayne

All the same, Toya was unable to keep up with Lil Wayne’s superstar lifestyle, and the two parted ways in 2006. Wayne’s extramarital affair with singer Nivea was another factor in the separation. They’re still great friends today, according to Toya, and Wayne is a fantastic father.

Lauren London (1998-2009)

The relationship between Lauren London and Wayne was exceedingly erratic and undefined. Despite a few brief periods of romance in between, they eventually called it quits in 2009.

Who Is Lil Wayne Dating

Jennifer London and Lil Wayne

According to the couple, a boy called Kameron Carter was born in September 2009. Although their relationship may not succeed, Lauren has said that she has a strong bond with Wayne and that they will always be friends.

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Singer Nivea (2002-2010)

Wayne’s relationship with Nivea was unstable as well. In 2002, Wayne made her an engagement proposal; nevertheless, the relationship ended in 2004.

Lil Wayne and Nivea

It was in 2007 that Nivea and Wayne got back together following a short marriage to The Dream. Their son, Neal Carter, was born in November 2009. Since 2010, they have remained friends and maintained communication after ending their romance.

Who Is Lil Wayne Dating

Keri Hilson (2008-2009)

Only that they were romantically involved from 2008 to 2009 and that their mutual love of music brought them together is all that is known about their relationship.

Thriana (2005–2012)

For Wayne and Trina, too, their relationship was one of ups and downs.

Lil Wayne with Trina

They had a platonic friendship, despite the fact that their love relationships were brief and they were both extremely young when they did. She later said that their connection had been fleeting.

Who Is Lil Wayne Dating

Dhea Sodano (2011-2019)

During his time seeing other women, Wayne and Dhea Sodano had an intermittent relationship.

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Dhea Sodano and Lil Wayne

In 2019, they got divorced officially. Even though they weren’t solely devoted to one another, Dhea said in a public interview that they had a great relationship for more than seven years.

La’Tecia Thomas (2019-2020)

The Australian model La’Tecia Thomas, who is plus-sized, saw Wayne briefly. For them to be engaged, nevertheless, this time was sufficient.

Who Is Lil Wayne Dating

Lil Wayne and La’Tecia Thomas

Their matching tattoos were even more noticeable, and she was seen wearing an engagement ring. A sudden breakup occurred between them in 2020.

Other Relationships

Outside the ones we’ve already covered, Lil Wayne was involved in a number of brief romances with ladies. Dana Lee (2012), Skylar Diggins (2011), Teairra Marí (2008), Farrah Franklin (2009), and Christina Milian (2014) were a few among them. Wayne also engaged in one-night stands with many women on subsequent occasions.

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