How Old Is Drew Carey- Revealing The Age Of This Television Star!

Drew Carey, a beloved American comedian, actor, and game show host, has left a mark on the entertainment industry. Known for his quick wit, affable personality, and distinctive glasses, Carey has entertained audiences for decades. From his early days as a stand-up comedian to his successful career in television, this article explores the life and achievements of Drew Carey, highlighting his rise to fame, notable projects, and enduring impact on the comedy landscape

How old is Drew Carey?

how old is drew carey

Drew Allison Carey was born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 23, 1958. This means that Drew Carey is 65 years old as of August 2023. Growing up in a working-class home, Carey had an early interest in humor. He began doing stand-up comedy in local bars after serving in the United States Marine Corps, polishing his abilities and establishing his own comic style.

Breakthrough in the career

Carey got his big break in the late 1980s when he performed on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” His sharp and approachable humor struck a chord with viewers, resulting in a slew of television appearances and comedy specials. Carey stands out among his colleagues for his ability to connect with people via observational humor and self-deprecation.

Career Highlights of Drew Carey

Drew Carey earned worldwide fame in 1995 with the premiere of his namesake comedy, The Drew Carey Show. Carey’s comic abilities were exhibited on the show, which lasted nine seasons and established him as a major figure in television comedy. The comedy, set in Cleveland, featured the antics of a group of pals, including Carey’s character, Drew Carey.

The smart script, ensemble cast, and Carey’s ability to deliver both humorous and poignant moments earned The Drew Carey Show high reviews. Carey received critical accolades and a devoted fan following as a result of the show’s popularity. It was also nominated for multiple Emmys and won the People’s Choice Award for Favourite Male Television Performer.

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Rise to fame from Hosting

Drew Carey gained popularity as a game show presenter in addition to his acting career. In 1998, he took over as presenter of the improv comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” His kind and encouraging hosting manner aided the show’s success and durability.

In 2007, Carey took over as the host of “The Price Is Right,” following in the footsteps of the great Bob Barker. Carey’s friendly and engaging attitude won both participants and spectators alike, revitalizing the long-running game show. “The Price Is Right” remained popular during Carey’s tenure.

how old is drew carey

Personal Life of Drew Carey

Outside of his entertainment career, Drew Carey is known for his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved in various charitable causes, including supporting military veterans and animal welfare organizations. Carey’s generosity and commitment to giving back have made a positive impact on the lives of many.  In his personal life, Carey has been open about his struggles with weight and depression. His willingness to share his experiences has helped reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues and has inspired others to seek help and support.


Drew Carey’s rise from stand-up comedian to television celebrity exemplifies his brilliance, adaptability, and enduring appeal. Carey has continually charmed audiences with his humor and relatability, whether through stand-up performances, sitcoms, or game show hosting. His contributions to the comic environment, as well as his charity efforts, have cemented his position as a popular figure in the entertainment business. Drew Carey’s reputation as a comic superstar and caring guy will definitely remain as long as he continues to make audiences laugh and give back to the community.

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