How Old Is Novak Djokovic Son? A Glimpse into His Growing Years!

Novak Djokovic, a professional tennis player from Serbia, is among the greatest players in ATP history. He is considered one of the top hard-court players and is currently ranked No. 2 by the Association of Tennis Professionals. In terms of matches played and money won, Djokovic has obliterated all records over the years.

Djokovic has had remarkable success in the international arena, having won many Grand Slams in addition to other noteworthy tournament successes. By persistently questioning their authority with his unshakable enthusiasm and exceptional work ethic, he has cultivated intense rivalries with players such as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Through the Novak Djokovic charity, he has established a number of initiatives aimed at expanding children’s access to top-notch sports facilities and education worldwide. All things considered, read the entire article to find out Novak Djokovic’s son’s age, along with information on awards, sponsorships, vehicles, houses, real estate, charities, and more.

How Old Is Novak Djokovic Son?

How Old Is Novak Djokovic Son

Novak and Jelena’s first child, a boy named Stefan, was born on October 22, 2014. He is now 8 years old. On the day of his child’s birth, three months after tying the knot with his spouse in July, the tennis player shared the wonderful news on Twitter.

Our little angel, Stefan, was born! My stunning wife Jelena has my undying admiration! I am incredibly grateful for your love and support. At the time, he wrote, “We love you all!!!” Even at such a young age, Stefan has already shown that he is athletic; given his father’s background, it should come as no surprise that tennis is his preferred sport.

It is evident from the tennis player’s comments that his son did not feel pressured to play. In order to help Stefan advance his game, Novak has also shared the technical advice they exchange. The fiercely competitive father did point out that his son has begun to imitate Rafael Nadal’s forehand, teasing Novak by pretending to swing like his opponent.

How Old Is Novak Djokovic Son

“On the court, he loves to terrify me by hitting this final swing. He is aware that I don’t much enjoy that. Novak went on, “I’m trying to show him how to finish the hand over the shoulder, here, the swing. He does that, and he also does this.

Personal Life

In high school, Novak Djokovic made the future wife of Jelena Ristić. He then started dating her in 2005. Once high school sweethearts, the couple married in 2014 and had their son Stefan in October of the same year. In September 2017, Tara, their daughter, was born.

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Additionally, he has been friends with Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic since their early childhood. Apart from tennis, Djokovic is an ardent fan of soccer. Not only does he attend the Serbian Orthodox Church, but he also practices meditation for up to an hour each day.

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