How Old Is Yumi Actually? A Closer Look at Timeless Beauty!

Yumi is a cool and engaging gamer whose YouTube channel is quite well-liked by players of Rainbow Six and similar titles. Born in Texas in 2000, Blake Yumi spent his first few months there before his family relocated to Georgia not long after his birth.

As a young child, Yumi had a passion for video games, and in the early 2010s, he began using social media networking sites. Many players find his suggestions, trick shots, and other work to be extremely helpful and original. He started posting a variety of videos on his personal YouTube account in 2012.

Many of These were devoted to his favorite game as well as to his experiences as a player. The channel has more than 1.3 million subscribers as of the beginning of 2023. One of Yumi’s most well-known videos features him playing Fortnite with FaZe Adapt. Check What age is Yumi?

How Old Is Yumi

Yumi was born on 13 April 2000 and Currently, she is 23 years old. He is American by Nationality. Taurus is his zodiac sign. He is cute and smart. He enjoys enormous renown among young people. He stands about 5′ 8″ tall and weighs about 71 kg.

He has hair and eyes that are earth tones. Over the course of his two channels, he also posts numerous additional videos. Since late 2020, Yumi has become well-known for his appearances in Isaac Why and Soft Willy’s Discord videos in addition to his gaming stuff.

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The majority of the videos on Yumi’s primary channel are gaming-related, with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege featuring prominently in several of them. Additionally, he posts movies on other odd games that frequently include contributions from other content producers like SMii7Y, Grizzly, McNasty, and Barg.

How Old Is Yumi

He posts more reaction-based stuff on Too Yumi. In these videos, Yumi frequently responds to videos compiled by users like Daily Dose of the Internet or other users who collect bizarre and/or humorous videos. However, Too Yumi also occasionally posts game videos.


On July 24, 2012, Yumi launched his YouTube channel. His first video which is currently available was posted on June 8, 2016. He first did not receive much attention, but as he continued to produce Rainbow Six Siege footage, his popularity gradually grew.

He posted one of his first videos that received a lot of attention in April 2017 and received over 1 million views. This video’s follow-up, which was published in September 2017, gained even more popularity. In April 2018, Yumi finally attracted 100,000 subscribers.

By the end of 2018, Yumi was regularly posting videos that were well-liked. He started a second channel called Too Yumi in May 2019. He would start posting more diverse content on this channel, with a focus on reaction-based videos.

The debut video by Too Yumi was posted on May 14th, 2019. Yumi became a well-known creative in the gaming industry in the same month his main channel climbed beyond 500,000 members. In July 2020, Yumi attracted a million subscribers.

He first communicated with The Group’s members around that time, around the middle of 2020. Later that year, he started to make appearances in Soft Willy and Isaac Because videos. Yumi was now becoming well-known for engaging in mischief on Discord with some of his buddies in addition to his gaming job.

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Singing Career

Yumi’s music is very well known. He started putting out music in 2021 and has appeared on albums by Isaac Because and Soft Willy. He performed on the albums Actin’ Up, Donna, and Contraband by Soft Willy as well as Fart by Isaac. On July 21, 2023, he released Lost, his first album as a solo artist.

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