Is Brittney Shipp Pregnant Again? Pregnancy News Buzzes the Internet!

Brittney Shipp is a meteorologist. She has been nominated for an Emmy Award. For almost ten years, she has been a broadcast news employee. In Philadelphia, the fourth-largest market in the nation, Shipp works as an on-air meteorologist for NBC-10.

Brittney formerly worked as a morning weather reporter and features reporter at KYMA-TV in Yuma, Arizona, before coming back to NBC10. At KTVK-3TV in Phoenix, Arizona, she started working as a weekend weather and special assignment reporter.

For four major morning programs, including MSNBC’s Morning Joe, First Look, and Way Too Early as well as NBC’s Early Today, Brittney has stepped in as a weather reporter. Since Shipp’s story is set to take an anticipated positive turn, fans are keen to learn whether the whispers are accurate.

Is Brittney Shipp Pregnant?

Brittany Shipp is actually expecting a child. The meteorologist may be expecting a child, according to this week’s Instagram photos. She held her first child in front of a Christmas tree while making fun of her growing belly in the post.

In addition to wishing her followers a happy Thanksgiving, she told them about Zoey’s upcoming adventure as she got ready to become a big sister. Exuberant comments filled the entire section set aside for remarks.

Three days later, she emailed Zoey a different image. It is apparent by the size of Brittany’s pregnant belly that she will soon give birth to her second child. As can be seen, by the joy on her face, Brittany is overjoyed to be expecting her second child.

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Brittney Shipp and Her Husband’s Beautiful Marriage

Jontue Long and Brittney Shipp wed secretly in Paris before leaving for their honeymoon. She and her husband had a quiet marriage, one of the weddings with the least amount of media coverage. They secretly married in Paris at the beginning of January 2020 after she arrived there at the end of 2019.

Is Brittney Shipp Pregnant

At the same time, everyone was amazed and thrilled. She has kept the particulars of her nuptials private. She did, however, only recently announce her new relationship status on Instagram. In October of this year, they became engaged.

Nothing is more romantic than a bride and groom posing in white with the Eiffel Tower in the background. When she was 37 years old, she dated him before getting married. Her husband’s profile is blank on social media.

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Does Brittany Shipp Have Children?

Indeed, Brittney Shipp is a parent. Three kids total were born to her and her spouse, Jontue Long. On May 2, 2022, Zariah Nicole Long, their third child, was born. It is unknown what the name of their first child is. Their third kid, Zariah Nicole Long, is a daughter, and their second child, Jontue Jr., is a son.

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