Is Jonathan Cheban Gay? Exploring the Reality Star’s Personal Life!

Is Jonathan Cheban Gay

Jonathan Cheban, known for his appearances on reality television and his close friendship with Kim Kardashian, has been a prominent figure in the entertainment world. With his charismatic personality and distinctive style, he has garnered a substantial fan following.

As with many celebrities, questions and rumors about his personal life, particularly his sexual orientation, have surfaced. In this article, we’ll delve into the topic of Jonathan Cheban’s sexuality, addressing the speculation and clarifications surrounding his personal life.

Is Jonathan Cheban Gay?

Is Jonathan Cheban Gay

No, Jonathan Cheban is not gay. One of the numerous topics of conversation regarding Cheban’s private life is the allegation that he might be homosexual. Late in 2011, Kris Humphries, the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian, initiated these rumors by questioning Cheban’s sexual orientation.

Humphries speculated in one episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that Cheban is homosexual and not heterosexual. Cheban promptly attended to the urgent matter upon being approached by the Hollywood CIA.

When queried about Humphries’ characterization of him as homosexual, he responded angrily by speculating that Humphries himself might be homosexual. He replied, “I am uncertain; he may be homosexual.”

Although the entrepreneur did not explicitly respond to the inquiry regarding his sexual orientation, admirers expressed their opinions in the remark section of HollywoodCIA’s video. Some speculated that Cheban was acting extremely defensively, and he certainly cannot be straight.

“The voice never lies,” wrote another YouTube user, who was then followed by the following: “Kris did not intend to be discriminatory. If anyone is, Jonathan is the one. That sovereign ought to simply emerge. “He is the only individual who considers it a secret.”

It has not been confirmed as of the time of writing whether Cheban is homosexual. His sexual orientation has not been disclosed by the reality TV star, and there are no reports that he is homosexual.

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Jonathan Cheban Has Dated Ladies Before

Is Jonathan Cheban Gay

Although there is no empirical evidence supporting Cheban’s sexual orientation, numerous circumstantial accounts provide support for the opposite. Furthermore, this comprises his past relationships with women.

Cheban’s first documented relationship, according to Hollywood Life, was with American entertainment reporter Maria Menounos. He was subsequently observed with the fashion designer Catherine Portes. Nevertheless, little is understood regarding his relationship with the two women.

In January 2013, the self-proclaimed Foodgod reportedly began courting his ex-girlfriend, the stylist Anat Popovsky, according to the same publication. The couple appeared together frequently on numerous occasions, including Kardashian television programs.

During their relationship, Cheban appeared on the second episode of the seventh season of Bravo TV’s Millionaire Matchmaker as a single male in December 2013.

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The reason he appeared on the matchmaking program as a single male is unknown. His romantic partnership with Popovsky came to an end in early 2015 for unidentified motives. However, by November 2015, they were observed holding hands in New York City, having reconciled their relationship.

A companion of Cheban at the time told DailyMail, “He desired to give the relationship another shot because he missed her.” It was inevitable, given their tremendous amount of similarity and undeniable rapport.

Additionally, the source stated that Kim, Cheban’s best friend, had always had a positive opinion of Popovsky and had given her okay. “Kim has always liked Anat, so that’s easy,” they stated. All members of the Kardashian family adore her. They eagerly anticipate spending more time with her.

The reconnected pair was spotted enjoying ice cream while strolling through the streets of the island of Ibiza in June 2016. However, notwithstanding the renewed spark, it appeared they were not destined for each other as they finalized their relationship in early August 2016.

Furthermore, as of August 30, 2016, Cheban had already formed a relationship with an unidentified young blonde model, having moved on from Popovsky.

DailyMail reported that Cheban was en route to New York City with his new romantic partner. Additionally, a source informed the news organization that the two have been in a relationship for some time. What transpired subsequent to their union, however, is unknown.

Since then, little has been said about Cheban’s relationships and flings, as he has kept his romantic life private. According to reports, his current relationship status is uncertain, but he appears to enjoy his single life.


Jonathan Cheban, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry and a close friend of Kim Kardashian, has faced rumors and speculation regarding his sexual orientation. While allegations were made in the past, especially by Kris Humphries, suggesting he might be gay, Jonathan Cheban has not publicly disclosed his sexual orientation. However, his past relationships with women indicate a heterosexual orientation. His current relationship status is unclear, and he seems to maintain a private personal life.

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