Is Kelly Evans Pregnant Again? From Anchor Desk to Nursery!

Welcome to the most recent news in the entertainment industry! Kelly Evans, a well-liked television personality, is rumored to be expecting her fifth child. Fans and followers are ecstatic and questioning whether the good news is genuine. Explore the enticing rumors surrounding Kelly Evans and the possibility of a new addition to her family with us. Stay alert for an inside look at this possible new chapter in her life!

Is Kelly Evans Pregnant Again?

is kelly evans pregnant again

Kelly Evans is not pregnant and does not presently intend to become pregnant. Numerous Internet speculations indicate that the CNBC anchor is expecting a child this year. This is not the case, however, and these are all mere assumptions from the general population.

However, there are no clues or other signs that she is expecting her fourth child. Despite being active on Twitter, she had not yet mentioned this on the platform. The journalist does not frequently refresh her Instagram account. On January 9, she published nothing about her offspring. As a consequence, Kelly Evans will not become pregnant in 2023.

The purported pregnancy of Kelly Evans has been the subject of rumors, particularly after the birth of her third child. As of 2023, however, there is no credible evidence or official declaration to substantiate these claims.

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Kelly Evans’s Husband

is kelly evans pregnant again

In her private life, Kelly Evans is married to Eric Chemi. Their relationship details are undisclosed, but they were married on April 22, 2017. Eric Chemi, a former CNBC sports reporter, has opted to work in the insurance industry.

The couple has four children, but they place a high priority on maintaining the privacy of their family, keeping their children primarily out of the spotlight. After marrying in 2019, they had their first child, Paul, the following year. Greg was born in 2019, while Annie, who is only one year old, was the last to be born. The couple’s commitment to privacy extends to the composition of their household and their children’s upbringing.

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Kelly Evans Kids


is kelly evans pregnant again

Kelly Evans and her spouse lead a very private life, and their children are rarely seen by outsiders. They have not yet provided information regarding their fourth child. After one year of marriage, the couple welcomed their first child, a son, in 2018. CNBC also commemorated her first child’s birth by publishing an emotional video of the event.

The couple gave birth to their second child one year after the birth of their first child. Greg, their second son, is two years old and is also a male. Annie, the daughter who is the youngest sibling, is only one year old. Therefore, there is little distinction between the ages of the children.

Kelly Evans Net Worth

Evans, like many other media careers, promises a substantial salary. According to sources, she had a $1 million net worth as of April 2023. This amount is the result of compensation and career earnings negotiations.

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