Is Lily on Young and Restless Pregnant Again? Surprising Revelation!

Christel Adnana Mina Khalil is an actress who is of Native American and Pakistani heritage. This 35-year-old began working in 1993. She has had roles in TV shows, movies, and short films throughout her career. She has also made cameos on other programs. In W.I.T.C.H., she provided the voice of Cornelia Hale.

She has also appeared in Malcolm in the Middle and That’s So Raven. In the stand-alone comedy, Khalil was also cast. 2019 Called for a Conversation. Her casting as Lily Winters on the television series Young and Restless marked the greatest turning point in her career, and it brought her numerous honors and accolades.

CBS is presently airing its 47th season of the show. The chronology that Lily Winters is currently experiencing has surprised her fans. It turned out Lily was not fertile. Fans have been wondering if Christel Khalil is indeed pregnant as a result of concurrent speculations regarding the actress’s pregnancy.

Is Lily on Young and Restless Pregnant?

Yes, Christel Khalil Is Expecting a Baby Again. The actress is well-known for her time on The Young & the Restless as Lily. She used an assortment of pictures and videos from the most recent Monte Carlo TV Festival Awards to announce the good news.

When Khalil was in Monaco, she tweeted, “That’s a wrap on Monaco! Thank you to the Festival TV Monte Carlo for a wonderful trip!” In addition to getting blisters on our feet and laughing a lot, we also ate enough croissants to fill a bakery.

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Christel’s Unhappy Marital Existence

The singer Stephen Hensley wed Christel Khalil in September 2008. The best men and bridesmaids were Bryton James and Elizabeth Hendrickson, in that order. On April 17, 2010, after Christel and Michael had been married for two years, Michael Caden Hensley was born. Christel’s husband’s and her marriage deteriorated over time.

Is Lily on Young and Restless Pregnant

Eventually, they parted ways at the beginning of 2011 and were divorced by the end of the same year. When Christel’s marriage didn’t work out, her parents were incredibly supportive and helped her move on. Her mother is mixed-race and her father is from Pakistan.

Christel’s New Boyfriend

Christel, who is incredibly proud of her ten-year-old son, has already chosen her next partner. April 22, 2010, was Michael Caden Hensley’s birthday. Being her firstborn, he was. She gave birth in the water to her son. Her child has him as a grandfather.

They share care of their son now that they are not together. She is in a relationship with Sam Restagno, an attractive man from Italy. Christel frequently updates her many social media accounts with photos of herself and her partner Sam. Sam gets along well with Christel and her kid Michael.

Christel posted a video of herself, her partner Sam, and their son at Escondido Canyon and Falls on February 13, 2017. Sam’s birthday was May 6, 2017, and Christel celebrated by sharing a picture of herself and Sam along with the caption, “Happy Birthday!” “My birthday goes out to the most fascinating person I’ve ever met.

I never could have imagined the ways in which you have altered my life.  What I had believed to be untrue has been proven to be true by you. I consider myself lucky to be able to assist you in celebrating your birthday. Without a doubt, 2018 will be your finest year yet. BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!

Christel Khalil Son

Born on April 17, 2010, Michael Caden is the son of Christel Khalil. It was at home when she gave birth to him underwater. Michael’s father is musician Stephen Hensley, Khalil’s ex-husband. Michael is the godson of actor Fadhia Marcelin and co-star of Khalil on “The Young and the Restless,” Bryton James.

Is Lily on Young and Restless Pregnant

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The early 2011 separation and subsequent divorce of Khalil and Hensley altered the relationships within the family later that year. In order to be closer to her partner, Canadian businessman Sam Restagno, Khalil and her kid moved to Toronto, Ontario, in 2019.

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