Is Remi Lucidi Dead? Uncovering the Mystery of the Disappearance!

Is Remi Lucidi Dead

Remi Lucidi is a French adventurer known for his death-defying stunts. Online persona Remi Enigma, who was Lucidi, was pronounced dead there. According to Hong Kong officials, Lucidi reportedly entered the building at around 6 p.m. and told the security guard that he was going to visit a friend on the 40th level.

After the alleged friend admitted he didn’t know Lucidi, a security guard tried to hold Lucidi, but by that time, the stuntman had already gotten a ride. On security footage, Lucidi was later observed coming into the building from the 49th level and then climbing the stairs once more to reach the top of the building.

It was reported by those looking for Lucidi that the roof hatch was open, but he was not located. According to the police, the man was last seen alive at 7:38 p.m. when a maid was alerted to his presence by a tap on the window of the penthouse building.

Is Remi Lucidi Dead?

Not for the weak of the heart were Remi Lucidi’s antics. The 68-story Hong Kong apartment building is where the 30-year-old French extreme sports daredevil was discovered dead. Mr. Lucidi apparently fell while climbing the Tregunter Tower complex.

Is Remi Lucidi Dead

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On the spot, a coroner declared the daredevil dead. He is thought to have become stranded outside the top-floor apartment while violently banging on a window to frighten a maid inside. The man reportedly lost his balance and died as a result, according to media sources.

According to representatives from Hong Kong, Mr. Lucidi arrived at the structure about 6 p.m. and informed the security officer at the gate that he was going to the 40th level to see a friend. The media site claimed that when the purported friend acknowledged he was not familiar with Mr. Lucidi, the security gate attempted to stop him, but he was already in an elevator at that point.

Mr. Lucidi can be seen on surveillance film entering the building on the 49th floor before ascending the stairs to the top of the structure. However, they claim the man was nowhere to be discovered despite finding the roof hatch open. But at 7:38 p.m., a maid in the apartment noticed him moving and heard him rapping on the penthouse window of the complex, so she dialed the police.

Is Remi Lucidi Dead

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Media sources said that Mr. Lucidi had become stranded outside the penthouse and was pounding on the window for assistance when he lost his footing.  When the police arrived, they discovered Mr. Lucidi’s camera, which had films of his high-rise acts. Official cause of death hasn’t been disclosed by police.

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