Is Sheryl Crow Gay? Addressing Speculation About Her Sexual Orientation!

is sheryl crow gay

Sheryl Crow has long been celebrated for her incredible talents as a singer-songwriter and performer. Throughout her illustrious career, she has garnered countless accolades and a devoted fan base. However, her personal life has also stirred curiosity and speculation, particularly concerning her sexuality. As a private individual, Sheryl Crow has kept her romantic life relatively low-key, which has given rise to questions about her sexual orientation.

In this article, we explore the question that has been the subject of much discussion: Is Sheryl Crow gay? Delving into her personal life and relationships, we aim to shed light on this intriguing aspect of her journey as a prominent figure in the entertainment world.

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Is Sheryl Crow Gay?

is sheryl crow gay

No, Sheryl Crow is not gay. The rumor that Sheryl Crow is homosexual is without a doubt false. Without ever revealing her sexual orientation, she has exclusively been in relationships with males in the past.

This strongly indicates that contrary to popular belief, she is heterosexual.

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Is Sheryl Crow in A Relationship?

is sheryl crow gay

Although she has had a few high-profile and notable relationships throughout her career, the 60-year-old rock star is currently unmarried. Crow made the decision to begin her family as a single parent after males failed to fulfill her longstanding desire to become a mother. “I had to let go of this picture I’d always painted about my life, about how it was going to be set up with a husband, a house, and all that,” she indicated to Health.

Since the adoption of her sons Wyatt (2007) and Levi (2010), the singer has devoted her attention to parenthood. The young family resides in Nashville, away from the prying eyes of the public. Crow confirmed she was single as of 2019, but “expected that to change in the near future.”

Who Has Sheryl Crow Dated Over the Years?

1. Eric Clapton

is sheryl crow gay

In the 1990s, Sheryl and musician Eric Clapton were temporarily romantically involved. The two individuals, who were separated by seventeen years of age, shared a brief romantic relationship marked by a number of collaborative compositions and joint live performances.

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2. Owen Wilson

is sheryl crow gay

Sheryl was subsequently linked romantically to the actor Owen Wilson. They became acquainted during their time together on Sheryl’s inaugural film, The Minus Man (1999), in which they shared the lead roles. The duration of their relationship was approximately two years.

3. Josh Charles

is sheryl crow gay

Sheryl dated actor Josh Charles in 2003. Josh’s contributions to the hit television series The Good Wife have made him renowned. The former couple’s most prominent public appearance occurred during their joint attendance at the Grammy Awards that year, shortly prior to their separation.

4. Lance Armstrong

is sheryl crow gay

Sheryl and Josh ended their relationship in the exact same year that her subsequent high-profile former emerged. Sheryl began courting renowned athlete Lance Armstrong at the conclusion of 2003. In fact, they were momentarily romantically involved as early as 2005 but broke up in 2006.

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5. Ryan Seacrest

is sheryl crow gay

For years, there have been persistent rumors suggesting that Ryan Seacrest and Sheryl had a transient romantic relationship in 2006. Nevertheless, this has never been formally verified or denied by either party.

6. Steve Bing

is sheryl crow gay

Steve Bing and Sheryl Crow were romantically connected for a few months in 2008, following Jennifer Aniston’s introduction between the two. They were not particularly close, and little is known about the duration of their relationship. Steve passed away untimely in 2020.

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7. Doyle Bramhall II

is sheryl crow gay

Sheryl’s most recent relationship in the public eye was with music producer and musician Doyle Bramhall II. Collaboration ensued between the two during the production of Sheryl’s 2010 album “100 Miles from Memphis.” It appeared that their union lasted four years before disintegrating.


Sheryl Crow, the celebrated singer-songwriter, is not gay, dispelling the rumors surrounding her sexual orientation. Over the years, she has had various high-profile relationships with men, indicating her heterosexual orientation.

Currently, Sheryl Crow is focused on her role as a single parent to her adopted sons and has kept her romantic life out of the public eye. Her diverse dating history includes well-known figures like Eric Clapton, Owen Wilson, and Lance Armstrong, but she has chosen to prioritize her family and her music career.

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