Ksi and Logan Paul Prime Net Worth: Sneak Peek Into the Prime Drink Billion Dollars Journey

ksi and logan paul prime net worth

Prime Hydration, “The Maverick,” and “JJ” have grown close since they began doing business. It is promoted as a sports drink and the result of a collaboration between former boxing rivals KSI and Logan Paul. The two claim that the drink’s variety of flavors encourages hydration, and they have amassed over 40 million YouTube subscribers. Furthermore, the largest mixed martial arts promotion, the UFC, has just designated The Prime as its official beverage. In the interim, let’s look at Logan Paul’s and KSI’s respective wealth in 2023.

Logan and Ksi Paul’s Net Prime Worth

In the beginning, Logan Paul and KSI embarked on a remarkable journey with their energy drink brand, Prime Hydration, which eventually catapulted their earnings to an impressive $200 million. During an interview, when asked about the brand’s performance and earnings, Logan readily shared the remarkable details.

Initially, KSI hesitated to answer the question, but Logan, seemingly unhinged by recent successes, wasted no time in providing insights. He reached for his phone, pulled up the data, and revealed that Prime Hydration had generated a staggering $250 million in retail sales within just a single year. He clarified, saying, “In year one, we cleared $110 million in retail sales… Sorry, excuse me, $250 million in retail sales.

” Even the interview hosts were left stunned by the brand’s extraordinary success, considering it had only been in circulation for 13 months. Additionally, According to Ksi news, ‘Prime’ by KSI and Logan Paul is now worth 8 to 10 Billion Dollars 

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Logan Alexander Paul’s Early Years and Education

ksi and logan paul prime net worth

On April 1, 1995, Logan Alexander Paul was born in Westlake, Ohio. Jake Paul, his younger brother, is also well-known on social media. When Logan was ten years old, he opened a YouTube channel named Zoosh and began creating videos for the platform.

In 2012, he was a Westlake High School football team All-Star linebacker. After graduating from high school as a state champion wrestler, he continued his studies at Ohio University to study engineering. He increased his number of followers on social media from 900 to 1.5 million between 2013 and 2014. On the social media site Vine, he was particularly well-liked. In order to relocate to Los Angeles, he left Ohio University in 2014.

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Ksi Olajidebt’s Early Years and Education

ksi and logan paul prime net worth

On June 19, 1993, Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, and became KSIOlajidebt. His father, Jide, is from Nigeria, while his mother, Yinka, is from London. In 2015, KSI was voted #1 on Tubular Labs’ list of the “UK’s Most Influential YouTube Creators,” while Deji, KSI’s younger brother, was ranked #2.

While attending Berkhamsted School, KSI got to know Simon Minter, who would eventually become one of the Sidemen and join KSI. Deji made public KSI’s personal bank data in a video he uploaded in 2018. KSI publicly blasted his family for Deji’s actions, saying, “Don’t you f**king dare put my information out on blast like that.” That stuff is private to me. I’m disappointed, Mom and Dad.”

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Ksi and Logan Paul’s Professional Career

ksi and logan paul prime net worth

Prominent characters in the digital entertainment space, Logan Paul and KSI, have risen to the top of online content development through varied and exciting careers. Logan Paul first became well-known on Vine, where his humorous, brief videos attracted millions of views in no time.

After shifting his fame to YouTube, he gathered an enormous fan base there—more than 23.6 million subscribers—and expanded his reach to other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Because of his versatility as an entertainer, he was able to produce sponsored material for well-known brands like Virgin Mobile, Pepsi, and HBO, which helped him become one of the most prominent Vine characters of 2015. Following Vine’s demise, Logan Paul carried on with ease on YouTube, where his videos have accumulated around six billion views, confirming his place as an internet phenomenon.

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ksi and logan paul prime net worth

Similar to this, KSI started his career on YouTube in 2008 and became well-known for his FIFA game commentary videos, which he posted under the username “KSIOlajideBT.” Upon realizing a consistent stream of money from his material, he took the risky move of quitting sixth-form education to concentrate on his rapidly growing YouTube profession.

As time went on, KSI broadened his range of content to include gaming stuff as well as vlog-style videos. His quick ascent to fame resulted in partnerships with large networks like Polaris and inclusion in the highly regarded YouTube group, the Sidemen.

Success as a creative as well as controversy—including diss track videos against his fellow Sidemen members—marked KSI’s career. He is a fascinating character in online entertainment because of his capacity to change and adapt to the digital world, proving the transformational potential of the internet in influencing modern careers.


Logan Paul and KSI, digital entertainment luminaries, have forged a successful partnership with “Prime Hydration.” This sports drink, born from their collaboration, boasts a variety of flavors to promote hydration. With over 40 million YouTube subscribers and an endorsement from the UFC, “Prime” is thriving. Their joint tweet revealing a net worth between $8 and $10 billion underscores their meteoric rise from YouTube origins to financial titans, inspiring aspiring creators worldwide.