Lauren Ash Weight Loss: How Lauren Ash Shed Pounds?

lauren ash weight loss

Celebrities often become role models for individuals around the world, not just for their talents and accomplishments but also for their personal transformations. One such remarkable journey is that of Lauren Ash, the talented actress and comedian known for her roles in popular TV shows like “Superstore” and “Super Fun Night.”

Over the past few years, Lauren Ash has not only charmed her audience with her humor and acting skills but has also inspired them with her significant weight loss journey. In this article, we’ll explore Lauren Ash’s incredible weight loss transformation and the reasons behind it.

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Lauren Ash Weight Loss

lauren ash weight loss

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Prior to this, Lauren Ash discussed weight loss and coping with PCOS. Online rumors circulated last year that the actress had undergone weight loss surgery; however, she subsequently clarified the situation via Instagram.

“Are you aware of what is enjoyable? People who observe that you are inhabiting a larger body size express concern for your well-being. “People then post that they’re concerned for your health when you transition to a smaller body,” Lauren wrote beneath a May 2022 photo displaying her new physique, adding, “As a woman, it’s impossible to win.”

Lauren asserts that her weight loss did not occur due to any surgical intervention or catastrophic diet.

“At the innumerable individuals who are inquiring about my ‘ secret,’ do cease your inquiries. “There is no secret,” she continued in her post. “Stress was eliminated from my life.” Such is it. “What our bodies retain during a protracted state of stress is truly astounding.”

Lauren did not disclose that a chronic illness had additionally contributed to her weight until much later.

What Illness Did Lauren Ash Have?

lauren ash weight loss

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A staggering 5 million women of childbearing age are afflicted with polycystic ovarian syndrome, an ailment caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones, according to the CDC. PCOS is frequently accompanied by weight gain, acne, and hair reduction, among other symptoms.

In June 2022, Lauren revealed details of her hidden struggle with a chronic illness. A forthright open letter was accompanied by a photo of the actress comparing herself prior to and subsequent to receiving treatment for the illness. She detailed the emotional toll that PCOS has had on her throughout the years.

“The photograph on the left was taken today, five years ago.” As a result of PCOS-related recurrent lesions on my right ovary, I was forced to undergo emergency surgery. “This occurred precisely six months after my initial ovarian cystectomy,” Lauren revealed.

“Please cease all speculation regarding my weight loss, including accusations of covert lipolysis and other forms of insanity. “My condition is that of a chronic illness sufferer,” she continued in her post. “Managing chronic illnesses can require years or even a lifetime.” I, too, have. It is a significant achievement in my existence. I refrained from undertaking a regimen. I have also been labeled a liar whenever I have attempted to provide an explanation in public.

Additionally, she stated, “Remember, one never knows what another individual is experiencing behind closed doors.”

Despite her previous health issues, Lauren appears to be in excellent health at the moment. We also enjoy seeing it.


Lauren Ash’s candid revelation about her weight loss and her battle with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) offers an important perspective on the challenges individuals face. Her journey emphasizes the significance of empathy and understanding, as well as the need to refrain from making assumptions about others’ lives. Lauren Ash’s resilience and commitment to her well-being are inspiring, and her openness encourages others to embrace self-acceptance and prioritize health.

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