Joe Thomas Before and After: A New Chapter of Health and Vitality

joe thomas before and after

Joseph Hayden Thomas is an American football player who spent 11 seasons as an offensive tackle in the National Football League (NFL) with the Cleveland Browns. He was named a unanimous All-American while playing college football at Wisconsin when he was regarded as the best interior lineman in the country.

In the 2007 NFL Draft, the Browns selected Thomas with the third overall choice. Until the 2017 season, which was his last season in the NFL, he did not miss a single play in his career. His 10,363 straight snaps played is the longest streak since the NFL started keeping track of snap counts in 1999. He was invited to the Pro Bowl in each of his first ten seasons.

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Joe Thomas’s Transformation

joe thomas before and after

Thomas said he was “more eager to lose weight than almost anything in retirement,” estimating that in the months that followed his last season, he dropped about 50 pounds from his playing weight.

Later, he revealed to GQ that his body was beginning to feel the effects of carrying more than 300 pounds. “To manage the pain, I was using a variety of anti-inflammatories and medications all the time. Eating a lot of junk food was necessary to try to maintain that weight. I’m not really a big guy by nature, so I had to eat 6,000–7,000 calories a day to get to 300 pounds,” Thomas stated.

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Joe Thomas’s Transformation Journey

joe thomas before and after

Despite having great cardio, I was constantly experiencing heartburn due to my high sugar and carbohydrate intake. I slept a lot. Most likely, I had a sleep apnea. My spouse said that on occasion, I would stop breathing during the night. You grow accustomed to eating so much that your stomach expands. However, you eat at every meal until you literally feel nauseous. And in the long run, that is unhealthy.

I got to the point where I was eager to finish playing so I could walk around, lose weight, and feel better so I could go shoot hoops with my friends once more. I aspired to weigh 250 pounds, which was my weight in high school.

Our nutritionist on the Browns was excellent. She goes by Katy. She is amazing. She told me to use the MyPlate app and start documenting everything I ate during my final season in the NFL, so I could understand the nutrients instead of just filling my plate! complete it!

It was really simple for me to shed those first twenty, thirty, and forty pounds when I retired. I simply reduced my calorie intake to resemble a typical human. However, I had to eat more wisely after that. I became aware of my optimal protein, carb, and fat ratio when I began to log my meals. Using the app to track my food intake and discovering, “Wow, this one food has so much added sugar,” was a great revelation for me.

My best approach has been flexible, low-carb, with sporadic fasting. The main benefit of fasting for me is that it eliminates breakfast, which accounts for about 800-1,000 calories. These days, eating proteins and fats really keeps me satisfied. But eating carbohydrates only makes me feel more peckish. I consumed all ten pancakes my wife had made on Christmas morning, which amounted to about 3,000 calories. And I was hungry two hours later.

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Joe Thomas Images from Before and After

Not only did Thomas lose a significant amount of weight on the scale after retiring, but he also completely changed the shape of his physique, as seen in the pictures below, which almost appear to show two different people.

What Is Joe Thomas’s Weight?

joe thomas before and after

Although Thomas hasn’t disclosed his precise weight, he says he shed 50 pounds after retiring, referring to his playing weight as 300 pounds. That would place his weight as of right now close to 250 pounds. That’s a number to be proud of for a 6’6″ man who has dedicated his career to eating to stay that way.

In the NFL, different responsibilities call for different sizes, therefore offensive linemen are forced to take advantage of their stature. For offensive linemen like Thomas, power, and size are more important than anything else when it comes to securing a hole for the running back or shielding the quarterback from blitzes approaching.

After retiring, Thomas is hardly the only former NFL offensive lineman to display an amazing metamorphosis. Following his retirement from the NFL, former Ravens guard Marshal Yanda shed sixty pounds; other NFL greats Russell Okung, Matt Birk, and Alan Faneca also astonished spectators with their post-football makeovers.

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Joe Thomas, the NFL stalwart once tipping the scales at a hefty 300 pounds during his playing days, has undergone an incredible post-retirement transformation by shedding a jaw-dropping 50 pounds. His journey to a healthier self was fueled by smarter nutrition choices, intermittent fasting, and an enhanced sense of well-being. Much like other former NFL linemen such as Marshal Yanda, Russell Okung, Matt Birk, and Alan Faneca, Joe’s story showcases an awe-inspiring post-football makeover, underscoring the power of health and vitality after the final whistle.