APTIDCO Housing Scheme – Benefits | Eligibility Criteria and Other Details!

APTIDCO Housing Scheme

The state government of Andhra Pradesh established a TIDCO Houses assignment plan to distribute AP TIDCO Houses to recipients depending on their monthly income. The housing project plans to finish building more than 28 lakh units by the end of 2023 at a total cost of Rs. 1,08,553 crore. Read on to learn more about the APTIDCO Housing Scheme, including the Highlights, Features and Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, Required Documents, Steps to Apply, Check Beneficiaries List, and much more.

The Objective of APTIDCO Housing Scheme

The Andhra Pradesh Township and Infrastructure Development Corporation (APTIDCO), a State-level nodal entity, aims to construct and deliver more than 28 lakh dwellings for selected beneficiaries by 2023. APTIDCO’s housing initiative will be executed gradually. Of the approximately five lakh units that TIDCO is now creating, about 2.6 lakh have been completed. The development of the remaining housing units has been delayed as a result of many legal issues pertaining to the purchase of real estate.

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There are three different flat sizes in the plan: 300, 365, and 430 square feet. More than 44,000 winners would receive homes that were 365 square feet each, over 74,000 recipients would receive units that were 430 square feet, and nearly 1.43 lakh people would receive 300 square foot apartments. Beneficiaries must put down Rs 50,000 for a 365 square foot flat and Rs 1 lakh for a 430 square foot residence. The option of a home loan is also available.

Features and Advantages of the APTIDCO Housing Scheme

The APTIDCO Housing Scheme possesses the following characteristics and advantages:

  1. As implemented, AP TIDCO provides advantages for affordable housing, particularly in the EWS and LIC segments.
  2. The programs offer applicants individualized options for home loans based on their financial preferences.
  3. AP TIDCO Housing provides a simple and uncomplicated application procedure.
  4. Candidates need only visit the AP TIDCO web portal and fill out the application form to register for their desired housing scheme.
  5. Applicants may apply for AP TIDCO Houses if they satisfy the fundamental eligibility requirements, such as being a permanent resident of the state and meeting the monthly income scale requirements.
  6. The documentation requirements for the AP TIDCO Housing Scheme are minimal.
  7. In addition to the application form for the AP TIDCO Housing Scheme, applicants must submit evidence of their identity, address, and income.
  8. The AP TIDCO Housing Schemes aid applicants in obtaining hassle-free mortgage loans and credit-based subsidies from a select group of lenders. As a consequence, their mortgage loan amount is reduced, resulting in lower monthly payments.

Qualifications for the APTIDCO Housing Program

The following qualifications must be met by applicants for the APTIDCO Housing Scheme:

  • Only permanent Andhra Pradesh residents are eligible to apply for a Housing Scheme under AP TIDCO.
  • Applicants who fall under the LIC (Low-Income Category) must have a monthly income of between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 50,000.
  • Applicants for the EWS (Economically Weaker Section) must have a monthly income of up to Rs. 25,000.

Documents Needed for the APTIDCO Housing Program

The following are some of the crucial documents needed for the APTIDCO Housing Scheme:

  • Card Aadhar
  • I.D. Card
  • Election ID Card
  • Proof of Permanent Residence
  • Salary Slips/Income Certificate/Salary Certificate
  • a bank passbook providing information about the branch name, IFSC code, and bank account number

Application Procedures for the APTIDCO Housing Scheme 2023

To apply for the APTIDCO Housing Scheme, the following procedures must be taken:

  1. First, visit the official AP TIDCO website at https://www.aptidco.com/.
  2. The website’s homepage will load on the screen.
  3. Click the Login Portal icon
  4. The login page will load automatically.
  5. Now, input your login credentials
  6. Afterwards, select the login button to access your registered account.
  7. Once you have successfully logged in, the account dashboard will appear on the screen.
  8. Click the Apply Here icon now
  9. The application form will appear when the screen loads.
  10. Fill out the form with your full name, Aadhaar card number, gender, date of birth, and bank account information.
  11. Now, submit all required documents, a passport-sized photo, and your digital signatures.
  12. After that, make payment for your reservation using your favored payment method
  13. To submit your application, click on the Send icon.

Checking the APTIDCO Housing Scheme Recipients List

To verify the APTIDCO Housing Scheme Beneficiaries List, the following steps must be taken:

  • First, visit the official AP TIDCO website at https://www.aptidco.com/.
  • The website’s homepage will load on the screen.
  • Select the AP TIDCO Houses Recipients List
  • A new page containing the Beneficiaries List by District will load on the screen.
  • Download the Beneficiaries List based on your geographic location.