Business Blaster Young Entrepreneurship Scheme – Benefits | Application Procedure and Much More!

Business Blaster Young Entrepreneurship Scheme

Taking yet another lesson from the Delhi model of education On November 1, 2022, Harjot Singh Bains, minister of primary education in Punjab, initiated a pilot program. This initiative is known as the “Business Blaster Young Entrepreneurship Scheme.” It is being implemented in 31 government schools in nine districts throughout the province of Punjab. According to Harjot Singh Bains, the minister of school education in Punjab, the initiative would help students enrolled in government institutions realize their aspiration to become business owners. In this article, we will discuss Punjab’s new trial-based educational model. In the following sections, we will also discuss the advantages of the BBYE Scheme.

Objectives of Business Blaster Young Entrepreneurship Scheme

The Business Blaster Young Entrepreneurship Scheme is a program that has been created by Harjot Singh Bains, the minister in charge of education in Punjab’s public schools. The goal of this program is to encourage students to launch their own businesses. They will receive financial support, but it will also help them learn how to support themselves. The future of children is ultimately a concern for this approach as well.

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Benefits of the Business Blaster Young Entrepreneurship Program

The plan will help students in a number of ways, all of which are described below:

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  1. There will be two primary advantages. The program will not only assist government school students in finding employment, but it will also help the state with a number of issues.
  2. 31 schools in nine districts of the state—Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala, Sangrur, Hoshiarpur, Ferozepur, Ropar, and Mohali—will take part in the program during the first phase.
  3. Each 11th grader will receive Rs. 2,000 to use as beginning money for a business they want to establish.
  4. encourages students to launch their own enterprises.
  5. With the help of the initiative, youngsters attending public schools will be inspired to become “job providers” rather than “job seekers.”

BBYE Qualifications

  • Candidates must be Punjab residents.
  • The applicant must be enrolled in the eleventh grade.
  • To take advantage of the program’s benefits, applicants must have sound business concepts.

BBYE Required Documents

  • Applicant’s identification certificate
  • The applicant’s mobile
  • Email address
  • Certificate of schooling

Application Procedure for Business Blaster Young Entrepreneurs Scheme

The Business Blaster Young Entrepreneur Scheme emphasizes children’s future in addition to their present. Therefore, the application for participation in the program is available at the school level. As the program was only recently implemented, the school’s official website has not yet been published. We will inform you as soon as the government makes the program public.