Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan Yojana – Advantages | Application Procedure and Much more!

Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan Yojana

All of the youngsters who are enrolled in the preschool phase at their local Anganwadi will benefit greatly from the Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan Yojana. The less fortunate members of society will be given the chance to enroll their kids in the neighborhood schools while receiving a free set of uniforms from the relevant government officials in Odisha. All of the youngsters who are currently enrolled in the community’s Anganwadi for free schooling would also be eligible for another benefit from the Odisha government. Just make sure to submit your application for the program before the deadline, parents.

The Purpose of The Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan Yojana

Through the implementation of the Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan Yojana, many opportunities will be made available to preschool students. People will receive two complimentary sets of school uniforms if they continue to offer preschool. The benefit will be given to children from economically disadvantaged segments of society.

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The primary objective was to provide uniforms to all current Anganwadi Center students. Occasionally, Anganwadi centers require a specific uniform for admission. This plan will be greatly appreciated by the parents of economically disadvantaged students. Numerous parents were unable to purchase new uniforms for their children, so this program will benefit them.

Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan’s Advantages

The biggest advantage that will result from the scheme’s implementation is the benefit of providing free education to all of these children who are having a very difficult time attending school due to the additional cost of the uniform. The government’s latest initiative will lessen the likelihood that these economically disadvantaged kids will be bullied.

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The new plan will unquestionably enhance Anganwadi’s academic performance. The children’s safety will also improve because they’ll be wearing school clothes. This plan will also result in better dress codes. The pupils’ professionalism will be encouraged, and peer pressure will be avoided. The pupils will be able to focus on their character and lessen their distractions.

Putting the Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan Scheme Into Action

Preschoolers are looking forward to getting new clothes that will make them want to go to AWCs. These kids will also be able to use a lot of other Anganwadi services because they go to pre-schools. The Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNP) and Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) are two of these programs.

As of October 2, about 14.83 lakh pre-school children had received two sets of uniforms based on the color scheme. Blue pants and pink shirts are the color codes for the widely worn clothes. There were about 1,344 SHGs across the state that were making and giving clothes to students in 61,040 AWCs.

Odisha Free School Uniform Program Application Instructions

The initiative has just been introduced, so there is little information available to the general public. Once the information is available, we will notify you through this portal.