AICTE Swanath Scholarship 2023 – Eligibility Criteria | Benefits and Application Procedure!

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is a governmental agency in charge of planning, developing, and enforcing technical education rules and standards in the country. This organization initiates several scholarship programs to ensure that every student, regardless of financial circumstances, has the basic right to continue their education.

This page provides information on the AICTE Swanath Scholarship, a scholarship program created by the AICTE. You will learn everything you need to know about this scholarship program by reading this post. You will also be given information on the aims, advantages, features, eligibility requirements, needed papers, application methods, and so on.

The Goal Of The AICTE Swanath Scholarship 2023

The primary objective of the AICTE Swanath scholarship initiative is to provide orphans, wards of armed forces and Central paramilitary forces martyred in action, and wards of parents who perished as a result of COVID-19 with scholarships so that they may pursue their education without incurring any financial burden.

With the aid of this scholarship program, every child will have the chance to pursue higher education. This scholarship program will provide students with encouragement and assistance. The AICTE Swanath Scholarship Scheme will also enhance the standard of living and increase the literacy rate. The implementation of this scholarship program will also decrease unemployment.

Features And Advantages Of The AICTE Swanath Scholarship For 2023

  1. The AICTE Swanath scholarship was established by the All India Council for Technical Education.
  2. 2000 pupils receive financial incentives of Rs 50,000 per year through the scholarship program.
  3. The scholarship amount will be paid through direct benefit transfer.
  4. All those pupils who are orphans, wards of parents who died due to COVID-19, wards of armed forces and Central paramilitary forces martyred in action can get the advantage of this scholarship program
  5. The scholarship is only available to students enrolled in AICTE-approved institutions and programs.
  6. Now, regardless of their socioeconomic situation, every child will have the opportunity to study further and prepare for a prosperous future through education.
  7. To qualify for the AICTE Swanath scholarship, students must submit an application through the National scholarship portal.
  8. The list of finalists will be published on the AICTE website.
  9. If a student has a question regarding the merit list, he or she may file a complaint within a month.
  10. If grades are indicated on the mark sheet, the grades will be converted to CGPA, the average CGPA will be calculated, and then the percentage will be converted from CGPA.
  11. If both GPA and total marks are listed on the grade document, total marks will be used to calculate the percentage.
  12. Applications will be invited annually via the National Scholarship Portal.
  13. Incomplete applications will be denied.
  14. A valid Aadhar number is required in order to register for this scholarship program.

AICTE Swanath Scholarship Eligibility Criteria 2023

  • The candidate must be orphaned or have both parents perished as a result of COVID-19 and ward of the armed forces and Central paramilitary forces martyred in action.

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  • The applicant’s total family income should not exceed Rs 8 lakh per year.
  • The candidate must be enrolled in AICTE-approved educational institutions and courses.
  • The applicant must not have previously received any federal, state, or AICTE-sponsored scholarships.

Application Procedure For AICTE Swaneth Scholarship

  • First, visit the website of the national scholarship portal.
  • The homepage will load first.
  • On the interface, you must select new registration.
  • There will be a new page before you.
  • This new page requires reading all available information.
  • Now you must check the declarations.
  • After that, you must select the Continue button.
  • Now you must input the following details:-
  1. The State
  2. Name
  3. Age at birth
  4. The gender
  5. Telephone number
  6. Email address
  7. Captcha code and the like
  • Afterward, you must click Register.
  • You must now log on to the portal by inputting your credentials.
  • Then you must select the Apply for AICTE Swanath Scholarship link.
  • A scholarship form will be presented to you.
  • You must include all required information on the scholarship application.
  • Now you must upload all necessary documents.
  • After that, you must select the submit button.
  • This is the procedure for applying for an AICTE Swanath scholarship.

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