Aikyashree Scholarship – Advantages | Eligibility Criteria and Other Details!

The WBMDFC (West Bengal Minority Development and Finance Corporation) administers the Aikyashree bursary program, which is intended to support deserving pupils (at both the high school and college levels) in West Bengal. The Government of West Bengal and its subsidiary committees administer the Aikyashree Scholarship program, which provides financial assistance to meritorious, needy, and exemplary students of the state so that they may pursue higher education.

WBMDFC launched the Aikyashree Scholarship Programme for minority pupils (Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis, and Jains) in West Bengal in order to provide them with additional socioeconomic benefits and educational opportunities. This is an end-to-end portal for WB minority students seeking scholarships. Through the WBMDFC Aikyashree Scholarship Portal, students from Class 1 to PhD level can register for a variety of WB Government scholarships.

This article will provide students with a comprehensive overview of Aikyashree scholarships, including the application process, eligibility requirements, and application period.

The Aikyashree Scholarship’s Advantages

Several more reasons led to the creation of the Aikyashree scholarship project. Here are a few advantages of the Aikyashree scholarship that are listed below.

  • This scholarship provides poor minority students with merit-based educational support.
  • It starts programs aimed at empowering women in communities of color.
  • All qualified students are given financial independence with this help.
  • to raise the literacy rate in West Bengal
  • to offer extensive instruction for different competitive examinations
  • Implementing a program for skill-based learning to give West Bengal’s minorities access to a high-quality education and enhance their economic status

Eligibility Criteria for Aikyashree

The qualifying conditions for receiving the benefits of the Aikyashree award vary depending on the educational level and type of award sought.

Pre- Matric & Post- Matric
“(i) Bear Domicile Certification from WB.
(ii) Must be enrolled in a Central/State government-approved institution.
(iii) A minimum of 50 percent on the last examination.
(iv) The family’s annual income must be less than Rs. 2 million.
(v) Only students from WB institutions are eligible.”
“(i) Bear Certificate of WB Domicile.
(ii) Admission to a professional or technical programme is required.
(iii) Passed the previous test with at least a 50% grade;
(iv) the family’s annual income cannot exceed Rs. 2.5 lakh.
(v) Residents of WB may also apply if they are studying abroad.

Essential Documents of Aikyashree Scholarship

Make sure you have all the necessary documentation on hand if you wish to apply for the Aikyashree scholarship. If not, you should set them up first before beginning the application. The following papers must be submitted with the Aikyashree application:

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  • Adhar Card
  • Picture in passport size
  • Receipt for current-year fees
  • The results of the most recent test
  • Income statement
  • Minority community certificate
  • Household certificate
  • Bank information
  • Mobile phone

Aikyashree Scholarship Application Process 2023

The application procedure for the Aikyashree scholarship is as follows:

Initially, student registration

  • Visit the Aikyashree scholarship portal on the WBMDFC website (wbmdfc
  • Select Registration New.
  • Choose the district in which you are enrolled.
  • Complete the required fields to generate your login ID and password.

Second Step – Student Sign-In

  • Check your e-mail or voicemail for the password.
  • To access the student portal, enter your login ID and password.

Third Step – Application Completion

  • Complete the following fields:
  1. Essential information
  2. scholarly material
  3. Bank information
  • Before submitting the final version of a document, double-check every detail. Please submit.
  • Make a copy of the application form for your records.
  • Additionally, submit a copy of the application form and a photocopy of the bank passbook to the relevant institution.

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