Banishree Scholarship – Eligibility Standards | Application Procedure and Much More!

A very prestigious scholarship program called the “BANISHREE-A Scheme Scholarship for Students with Special Needs” is available to applicants who are currently living in the state of Odisha and are having financial difficulties paying their tuition or continuing their education at a prestigious institution located in the state of Orissa. The page that follows discusses the requirements for qualifying and the detailed application process for the Banishree Scholarship for Odisha 2023.

Eligibility Standards For Banishree Scholarship

To be eligible for the impending increased Banishree scholarship opportunity, candidates must meet the requirements listed below.

  • Applicants must be permanent Odisha residents.
  • He or she must be a full-time pupil at a recognized institution.
  • The applicant’s annual family income should not exceed INR 60,000 per year.
  • Only physically disabled pupils are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • The applicant must not be receiving financial aid/stipends/scholarships from the state or federal government under any other program.

What Are the Documents Necessary for Banishree Scholarship?

The following documents are required of the candidate for this scholarship:

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  • Mark papers from the most recent exam passed, properly attested by the institution’s head (principal/headmaster).
  • Card Aadhar
  • The Medical Board issues a certificate of disability.
  • Income Certificate given by a Revenue official, not a Tahsildar or any other official of comparable authority, with a minimum rank of
  • Evidence of residency, such as a certificate from the resident authority
  • certificate of domicile
  • Account number, account holder name, IFSC code, and MICR code are examples of bank details.
  • Ration card for BPL (if any)

The Banishree Scholarship’s Advantages

The candidates for this scholarship will receive the following benefits:

  • Primary School (Classes I through V): 200 rupees per month
  • Monthly tuition for grades 5 through 10 is Rs. 250.
  • College (levels +2 and +3): Rs 300 per month
  • College (Postgraduate): Rs. 350 monthly
  • Technical and Vocational Instruction: 350 rupees per month
  • Abroad Technical & Vocational Courses: Rs. 350 per month

How to Apply for the Banishree Scholarship?

The chosen candidates who are eligible for the Banishree scholarship can review the details and submit an online application on the official website. Both online and offline registration is available for the Banishree scholarship program. The step-by-step application process is described here.

Offline Method

  1. The candidate must meet with the head of the school, college, or other educational institution’s sub-collector development officer.
  2. The student must then pick up the 2023 Banishree scholarship application form.
  3. They must then enter all the necessary information.
  4. Include all required paperwork.
  5. Send the form, together with any necessary papers, to the appropriate authority.

Online Method

  1. The applicant must go to the official social security website and the department of the government of Odisha responsible for empowering people with disabilities.
  2. The Banishree scholarship option must be selected by the applicants on the portal.
  3. If a student is a first-time applicant for the Banishree scholarship, they can select a new application option and press “proceed.”
  4. The Banishree scholarship application will be displayed on the specific website.
  5. Enter all relevant information, including obligatory fields, and upload all required files.
  6. Finally, thoroughly study the application before submitting it. The applicant has the option of making a photocopy of the application for future use.

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