CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship Scheme – Eligibility Criteria | Application Procedure and Much More!

CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship Scheme

We will today go through the specifics of the CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship Program for the academic year 2023–2024 with all of you. Single girl children who are unable to receive quality education due to societal inequalities will really benefit from this program. The eligibility requirements and educational requirements required to apply for the CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship Scheme for the year 2023 have also been provided. To make it as simple as possible for each and every one of our readers to apply for the opportunity, we will make sure that the step-by-step application requirements are made apparent to them all.

CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship Program Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the renewal of the first-time single female child scholarship, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

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For the First Timers-

  • All Class X CBSE Single Girl Students who have scored at least 60%
  • Examination and are enrolled in Class XI & XII in a School (affiliated with CBSE) whose tuition fee during the academic year does not exceed Rs. 1,500/- per month will be considered. In the subsequent two years, the cumulative increase in tuition fees at this institution shall not exceed 10% of the tuition fee charged.
  • The award is also open to NRI applicants of the Board.
  • The monthly tuition fee for NRIs has been set at a maximum of Rs. 6,000.
  • The scholarship will only be awarded to Indian citizens.
  • The student must pursue her education in Class XI and Class XII.
  • The candidate must have passed the Class X CBSE Examination for consideration.
  • In addition to receiving a scholarship, a scholar under the program may also receive other benefits from the institution where she is enrolled and/or other organization(s).

For Renewing –

  • The applicant must have been awarded the CBSE Single Girl Child Merit Scholarship the previous year.
  • The applicant must have been a CBSE student in class XI in the previous academic year, scored at least 50 percent in class XI, and been promoted to class XII.
  • The Class X tuition fees should not exceed Rs. 1,500 per month during the academic year.
  • In the subsequent two years, the cumulative increase in tuition fees shall not exceed ten percent.

Criteria for Selection for the CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship Program

To apply for employment, the candidate must adhere to the subsequent selection criteria:-

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  • The student must have earned 60% or higher in the CBSE’s Class X Examination to succeed.
  • The student will attend schools that are connected with the CBSE for Class XI and XII.
  • Students (Girls) should be their parents’ ONLY CHILD.
  • Original affidavit properly attested by a First Class Judicial Magistrate, SDM, Executive Magistrate, or Notary in accordance with the format specifications accessible on the Board website.
  • Affidavit photocopies are not accepted.
  • The school principal where the student is enrolled in Class XI after completing the Board Exam for Class X should certify the undertaking.
  • The monthly tuition should not exceed Rs. 1,500 for Class X and 10% more for Classes XI and XII.

Documents Necessary For CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship Scheme

The following papers must be submitted in order to be considered for the scholarship opportunity:-

  1. income statement
  2. certificate of caste
  3. evidence of admission
  4. Account information
  5. Fee schedule information
  6. passport-sized pictures
  7. digital signature
  8. Student identification cards
  9. Class 11 grade report required for scholarship renewal
  10. Aadhar Card and Bank Account are Connected
  11. a duplicate of the bank account book
  12. A declaration that she is the only child in the household, signed by the parents or daughters and properly assisted by the SDM, first class magistrate, or Gazette official not below the level of tehsildar

Procedure for Application to the CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship Program

To apply for the scholarship opportunities, please follow the straightforward steps listed below:

  1. First, go to the scholarship’s website.
  2. You can also obtain the scholarship opportunity’s guidelines
  3. To obtain a new scholarship application, you must select the SGC-X – Fresh Application option.
  4. To renew your application, you must select the option labeled SGC-X – Renewal.
  5. Enter your roll number and birthdate.
  6. Finally, select Continue
  7. You can submit documents by selecting the Submit Documents option.
  8. Go to the “Confirmation Page” printing option and produce the confirmation page.
  9. resh applicants need not submit the confirmation page to CBSE, however, they should retain it for their reference as proof of successful application.
  10. Applicants who have successfully submitted an application will only be able to generate the confirmation page.
  11. In the case of renewal, the printout of the online application form along with supporting documents should be mailed to “ASSISTANT SECRETARY (SCHOLARSHIP), CBSE, SHIKSHA KENDRA, 2 COMMUNITY CENTRE, PREET VIHAR, DELHI 110 092.”