GSK Scholarship 2023 – Benefits | Objectives and Eligibility Criteria!

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.’s GSK Scholarship Program 2023-2024 is a financial support program for students. This scholarship initiative will provide financial assistance to MBBS students, allowing them to complete their studies without interruption.

In today’s society, medical education is unquestionably one of the most significant factors to consider. Authorities hope to provide high-quality skill-building initiatives for advanced STEM education in India with the support of the GSK Scholarship program 2023-2024.

Because the major goal of this scholarship program is to assist students complete their medical careers, students must be well-versed in the curriculum. We will go through all you need to know about the GSK Scholars Program 2023-2024 in this blog.

Goals of the GSK Scholarship

The goal of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (India) is to assist STEM education in India by funding national skill-building programs and student scholarships.

Eligibility Standards For GSK Scholarship

This is one of the most essential points to consider. Candidates who intend to take advantage of the GSK Scholarship program must ensure that they meet a number of requirements. The requirements are:

  • Students must have Indian citizenship.
  • Students must complete their first year of medical school at a government institution.
  • Students must have earned a grade 12 exam score of at least 65 percent.
  • The family’s annual income must be less than 6 Lakh INR

GSK Scholarship’s Benefits

Students who are chosen for the scholarship program will get up to Rs. 1,000,000 per year. Only Rs. 4.5 lakh is available to candidates throughout a four-and-a-half-year period. The money may be used for seminar costs as well as tuition, test, and book costs. It can also be used for living expenditures like food and lodging. If you still have money left over, you may buy school supplies, pay for online courses, and get a data plan.

Selection Method For GSK Scholarship

The selection of scholars will be based on their academic achievement and socioeconomic status. It is a multi-step operation, as described below:

GSK Scholarship

  • The selection of candidates is based on their academic achievement and economic standing.
  • Interaction via telephone with the selected candidates, followed by verification of their credentials
  • Final selection by the provider of the scholarship

Essential Documents Required For GSK Scholarship

Your application procedure will be greatly impacted by the papers you submit. You must provide the following paperwork when applying for the GSK Scholars Program 2023–2024:

  • Grades for a class of 12
  • Official identification
  • Evidence of enrollment for the current year
  • Income evidence
  • Details of the student’s bank account
  • Passport-sized picture of the student.

Application Method For GSK Scholarship

If you are eligible for the GSK Scholarship program 2023-2024, you can apply online using the steps below.

  • Visit the scholarship page.
  • Make sure you thoroughly review the specifics. Click on the “Apply Now” link in the “How to Apply?” section.
  • Utilize your registered ID to access Buddy4Study. You will then arrive at the ‘Application Form Page’. Consider registering at Buddy4Study with your mobile number, email address, or Gmail account if you do not have an account.
  • Pay thorough attention when entering the required information. You must also submit the required documents.
  • You must select the ‘Preview’ option after approving the terms and conditions. Ensure the entered information is precise.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button upon affirmation to conclude the application process.
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