GSSY Scholarship – Eligibility Criteria | Benefits and Required Documents!

“Gopabandhu Sikhya Sahayata Yojana” is a Financial Assistance Program launched by the Odisha Department of Higher Education. The initiative was introduced in an effort to expand access to higher education and increase the gross enrollment ratio.

The initiative seeks to further expand access to higher education for students from disadvantaged segments of society, which will be of immense benefit to students from these strata. The purpose of the program is to provide annual financial aid to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the state of Odisha.

It is expected that the program will facilitate their entry into higher education. General, OBC, SC/ST, and SEBC/EBC category pupils will receive aid based on their financial needs. The selected scholars will receive 20,000 per year in financial aid.

Benefits of the GSSY Scholarship

  • For those pursuing graduate and postgraduate studies, financial aid will be provided on a yearly basis in the amount of 20,000.
  • Even if they are receiving financial aid from other programs, students are still eligible to apply for financial aid through this program.
  • The amount of financial aid will be capped at the typical course length and distributed annually until the program is finished.

Eligibility Criteria For GSSY Scholarship

To qualify, a candidate must –

  • Be a permanent Odisha inhabitant
  • families that fall into any of the following categories:
  • a household afflicted by HIV/AIDS (either the father or the mother or both).
  • families without shelter
  • manual collectors
  • especially vulnerable tribal communities
  • legally liberated indentured servants
  • A single-mother family consists of a mother with one or more dependent children who are bereaved, divorced, or unmarried.
  • have enrolled in graduate and postgraduate programs at a recognized Odisha college, institute, or university
  • have a family income of less than 10,000 rupees per year

Financial Support Provided Under GSSY Scholarship

The recipients of this program will receive the following financial assistance:

  • 20000 rupees will be provided in financial aid each year for graduate and postgraduate students.
  • Even if the student is receiving final support from other programs, they are still eligible for financial aid under the plan.
  • The support is time-limited to the course’s typical length and will be provided annually until it is finished.

Covered Courses and Programs Under GSSY Scholarship

The organization’s newly developed scholarship program will cover the following courses and programs:-

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All accredited graduate and postgraduate programs offered by government universities or colleges in Odisha, including non-technical, technical, and professional programs! organizations approved by the state government.

Documents Required For GSSY Scholarship

  • Aadhaar ID of the pupil
  • Certificate of parental or guardian income
  • Student’s documentation of residence
  • Copy of the passbook with the account number and IFSC code of the bank branch
  • Student’s passport-size photograph
  • College identification badge of the student
  • Certificate for parents who have been afflicted by HIV/AIDS
  • Households lacking a housing certificate for the student
  • Destitute/Relying on an alms certificate to survive
  • Manual Scavengers License
  • Certificate for particularly vulnerable tribal communities
  • Legally liberated certificate for indentured laborers
  • Single mother family registration

What Steps Should You Take to Apply in GSSY Scholarship?

Candidates who qualify can apply for the scholarship by doing the actions listed below:

  1. ‘Apply Now’ should be clicked.
  2. To register, click the “Register” button and provide the necessary information. (Note – If previously registered, log in using your Gmail account, mobile number, or email address.)
  3. Toggle the terms and conditions checkbox by selecting “Registration” from the dashboard’s top menu.
  4. Enter the necessary information to “Register.” (Note – Log in using legitimate credentials if you have previously registered.)
  5. After completing the registration process, fill out the form and submit it.
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