National Overseas Scholarship – Advantages | Eligibility Criteria and Application Procedure!

National Overseas Scholarship

To ensure that every pupil receives an education, the government implements a variety of programs. Through these programs, students receive scholarships and fee reimbursements so that they can continue their education without incurring any financial burden. This article will provide information about the National Overseas Scholarship, a scholarship program launched by the federal government. Through this program, the government awards scholarships to students who wish to pursue an overseas education.

National Overseas Scholarship Objective

The primary purpose of the National Overseas scholarship is to provide financial aid to students who wish to pursue an education abroad. Through this scholarship program, financial assistance is provided for tuition and any other expenses incurred during the course of study. Through the National Overseas Scholarship Scheme, the Indian government will cover the costs associated with studying abroad. Each year, 100 scholarships will be awarded through this program. This program will provide assistance to all pupils from low-income families.

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Advantages And Characteristics Of The National Overseas Scholarship

  1. The Indian government has established a National Overseas scholarship.
  2. Students from scheduled castes, denotified Nomadic and semi-nomadic communities, landless agricultural laborers, and traditional artisans will receive financial aid for their higher education under this program.
  3. This plan will enhance the economic and social standing of students.
  4. This bursary program offers 100 scholarships, contingent upon the availability of funds.
  5. Those students who wish to pursue a PhD or master’s degree in a foreign country can benefit from this program.
  6. 30% of scholarship awards are designated for female candidates.
  7. Students pursuing bachelor’s degrees are not eligible for this program.
  8. If the student has already earned a master’s or doctoral degree, he or she is not eligible for this program.

Procedure for Selection for National Overseas Scholarship

  • Candidates who have received an unconditional offer of admission from one of the top 1000 overseas institutions or universities will be given priority.
  • Requests to switch institutions or universities will not be considered.
  • A merit list of qualified candidates will be created for each cycle of selection based on the most recent QS ranking of the overseas university or institution. The scholarship will be given out in accordance with merit. Candidates with offers from institutions or universities with a higher reputation will be placed higher on the merit list.
  • The position of merit shall be determined based on the candidate’s qualifying examination score if there is a tie in the QS rating of two or more applicants.

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  • If not enough candidates were chosen after the third round of selections, then in the fourth round of selections, candidates who had either received an unconditional offer of admission or who had applied but had not yet been admitted to the institute or university would be eligible for the scholarship award. Even if the institution or institute is not among the top 1000 QS rankings
  • The selection and screening committee will be presented with all of the candidate’s online applications so they can make recommendations for selection and ranking.
  • Those chosen candidates who have been admitted to a foreign university or institution will receive a letter of provisional scholarship grant.
  • For candidates who have not yet been admitted to a foreign university or institute, a provisional assurance letter will be sent.
  • Candidates who have been awarded scholarships under the program must enroll in the specified course within three years of receiving their award or the scholarship will be revoked.
  • If a candidate receives a provisional assurance, the assurance will be good for a year.
  • Within a year, candidates who have gained provisional assurance must get an unequivocal offer of admission.
  • The assurance will be instantly revoked and no requests for an extension of assurance will be considered if the candidate does not receive the unconditional offer of admission within the allotted time.

Criteria For National Overseas Scholarship Eligibility

  1. The candidate must be an Indian permanent resident
  2. For Ph.D. programs, the qualifying examination is a master’s degree, whereas for master’s degree programs, it is a bachelor’s degree. Applicants must have obtained at least 60% or its equivalent on the qualifying examination.
  3. The aspirant must not be older than 35 years old.
  4. The total family income of the applicant should not exceed Rs 8 lakh.
  5. In determining the family’s revenue, the following factors will be considered:
  6. Parents and siblings of the candidate under the age of 18; spouse and offspring of the candidate under the age of 18
  7. If the woman is married, the income of her in-laws, her spouse, and her children under 18 will be considered.
  8. Only two children from the same family are eligible for this program. Students are required to self-certify in this regard.
  9. The scholarship recipient cannot be considered for a second award of the scholarship.

Documents Required To Apply For A National Overseas Scholarship

  • Food stamp card
  • Earnings certificate
  • Certificate of caste
  • Bank account information
  • Scorecard for the qualifying examination
  • Evidence of residence
  • Proof of age
  • Size of a passport photograph
  • Telephone number

Application Process for National Overseas Scholarship

  1. First, visit the national overseas scholarship program’s official website.
  2. Before you, the home page will load.
  3. You must click the login/register link on the home page.
  4. You must now select “register yourself”
  5. Now, a registration form will show up in front of you.
  6. You must fill out this registration form with all necessary information, including your name, phone number, email address, etc.
  7. After that, you must upload the necessary paperwork.
  8. You must now select register.
  9. After that, you must select “login.”
  10. Your user ID password must now be entered into the captcha code.
  11. You then need to click “sign in.”
  12. To apply for the National Overseas Scholarship, go here.
  13. A form for applications will appear before you.
  14. You must complete this application form by providing all necessary information.
  15. You must now upload all necessary documents.
  16. After that, you must select “submit.”
  17. You can submit an application for a National Overseas Scholarship by following this process.