As The Crow Flies Season 3 Release Date- The Return of Fame and Obsession!

From the opening of As The Crow Flies, it is clear that the program is about obsession and the quest for achievement in the current generation. Asli, the protagonist, represents the younger generation, motivated by ambition and professional aspirations, whilst Lale represents the more experienced journalist from the preceding age.

The dynamic of a stalker narrative is prominently emphasized throughout the series, with Asli as the hunter and Lale as the victim. This motif is repeated throughout the performance, to the point of being tedious and repetitious. The narrator’s continual reminders about the power struggle between predator and prey can be confounding, since it seems needless to repeat it so constantly.

What is the As The Crow Flies season 3 release date?

as the crow flies season 3 release date

Fans of the Netflix Turkish series Kuş Uçuşu / As The Crow Flies (2022) may finally celebrate, as production on the third season of the famous Ay Yapm series will begin shortly. After considerable expectation, the second season, which stars notable actors such as Birce Akalay, Brahim Elikkol, Burak Yamantürk, and Miray Daner, was just completed.

What is the plot of As The Crow Flies?

The plot of the program centers around the premise that the next generation, equipped with shortcut knowledge, is overpowering Gen X. However, other viewers believe the incident is more of a stalker story. Danner depicts Asli as someone who is both infatuated with Lale and desirous of her replacement. Asli’s approaches, on the other hand, go beyond normal ambition and touch on psychopathic behavior.

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Asli establishes bogus social media identities in order to write negative comments on Lale’s Instagram selfies, causing a backlash against her. She not only outwits the network’s elder members but also her fellow interns. Asli deceives her way into Lale’s inner circle and will most likely continue to do so. Her falsehoods appear to be putting Lale and others at bodily risk.

The terrible hostage scenario that Asli faced would not have been necessary if the generational factor had been removed. This occurrence dominates the first episode and feels more appropriate for a telenovela than the planned plot. Furthermore, the obtrusive narrative, with continuous references to a bird fooling a lion, alienates rather than draws viewers in.

Did people like As The Crow Flies?

as the crow flies season 3 release date

Throughout As The Crow Flies, there are times that may call into question the believability of certain story twists. One such example is the ease with which Asli obtains a job without having to go through a comprehensive background check. It is reasonable that this component may appear implausible and cast doubt on the story’s trustworthiness.

In the actual world, no credible organization, especially one with a notable editor-in-chief, would recruit someone without doing a thorough background check. This omission in the show’s plot can be seen as a creative decision to speed up the tale and focus more on the major themes of obsession and manipulation.

The motive for this repeated emphasis is unclear, given that the audience is already aware of the fundamental issue. Perhaps the objective is to heighten the drama of the circumstance or to emphasize the psychological conflict between the protagonists. However, excessive repetition can be annoying and distract from the overall viewing experience.


Despite this repetition, As The Crow Flies explores the nuances of obsession and the implications of a career-driven existence. It digs into the psychological and emotional toll that such aspirations may have on people, as well as the ethical quandaries that occur when desire becomes all-consuming.

While As The Crow Flies effectively portrays the theme of obsession and the clash between the hunter and the hunted, the constant reminders of this dynamic throughout the series can be excessive and repetitive. It is important for the show to strike a balance between emphasizing its central conflict and allowing the narrative to unfold naturally, without relying too heavily on repetitive reminders.

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