Bosch Legacy Season 2 Cast: A Thrilling Return to Crime and Intrigue!

bosch legacy season 2 cast

Get ready to be enthralled, as the gripping world of crime, justice, and intrigue makes a triumphant return with Bosch Legacy Season 2! This thrilling sequel takes you on another heart-pounding journey through the dark and gritty streets of Los Angeles, led by none other than the indomitable Detective Harry Bosch, portrayed flawlessly by Titus Welliver. With its roots in Michael Connelly’s iconic novels, Bosch Legacy has become a benchmark in the crime drama genre.

In this second season, our favorite characters are back, their complexities and relationships deepening, promising a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense. And as we dive headfirst into a new web of mysteries, we can’t help but wonder – who can we trust, and what secrets lurk beneath the surface? Bosch Legacy Season 2 is a masterclass in storytelling, and it’s about to leave you breathless. Don’t miss a beat as the legacy continues.

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In October, Bosch: Legacy season 2 will launch on Prime Video, with Harry back for even more intensive crime-solving in Los Angeles. In Bosch: Legacy, a number of well-known actors and intriguing characters are introduced to the narrative, but Titus Welliver still reigns supreme as Harry Bosch. The whole ensemble of Bosch: Legacy is comprised of stars with a variety of small-screen and feature-film credits, many of whom have featured in a variety of roles outside of the Prime Video crime drama.

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch

bosch legacy season 2 cast

Harry Bosch in the film Bosch: Legacy is portrayed by Titus Welliver. Harry was a traditional LAPD investigator in the first season of Bosch who frequently followed his own set of rules in order to solve cases. Bosch: Legacy finds him giving up his career as a police officer and starting a new one as a private investigator for Honey Chandler. Harry also had to work with his mixed emotions at watching his daughter start her own profession as a rookie police officer.

Although Titus Welliver’s portrayal of Harry Bosch is one of his most well-known performances to date, it’s by no means his only endeavor. Welliver, who is most recognized for playing the Man in Black on Lost, landed his first significant job as a member of the Deadwood group. Additionally, Welliver has starred in several films directed by Ben Affleck, such as The Town and Gone Baby Gone. Other noteworthy performances by Welliver are that of Lex Luthor on Titans, Savoy in Transformers: Age of Extinction, and Jimmy O’Phelan.

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Mimi Rogers as Honey Chandler

bosch legacy season 2 cast

As Honey Chandler, Mimi Rogers rejoins the Bosch: Legacy cast. In the first season of Bosch, Honey was presented as Harry’s fiercest opponent. She is an accomplished defense attorney who has represented numerous defendants that Harry was aware were guilty. Even though they have consistently stood on opposing sides in court, it is evident that Honey and Harry both want justice to be served and as a result, Honey engages Harry as her private investigator once he leaves the LAPD.

Similar to her co-star Titus Welliver, Mimi Rogers has a decades-long career that includes roles in several projects before Bosch: Legacy. Since the early 1980s, Rogers, an American actor, has been featured in both television shows and motion pictures. Ginger Snaps, Gung Ho, Lost in Space, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and Desperate Hours.

Madison Lintz as Madeline Bosch

bosch legacy season 2 cast

Madison Lintz, who plays Madeline “Maddy” Bosch, is another cast member that is returning to Bosch: Legacy. Maddie is the daughter of Harry, one of the original cast members of the Bosch series. Even if Maddie occasionally disagrees with her father’s choices, she still looks up to him. They grew closer after her mother passed away, and Maddie began her journey to become a police officer. Her rookie years were chronicled in Bosch: Legacy season 1, which ended on a cliffhanger when she was kidnapped.

Since Maddy joined Bosch in 2015, Madison Lintz has portrayed her, and she has continued to do so in Bosch: Legacy. Fans of The Walking Dead may recognize American actor Lintz as Sophia Peletier. Her television appearances included It’s Supernatural and Nashville.

Stephen A. Chang as Maurice Bassi

bosch legacy season 2 cast


Maurice Bassi is portrayed by Stephen A. Chang in the cast of Bosch: Legacy. Harry collaborates with IT specialist Bassi on his cases. Due to their mutual love of jazz, Harry and Bassi become friends even though Harry is too elderly and obstinate to learn anything about technology. The voice of Jesse in The Last of Us II, a character who might make an appearance in The Last of Us season 2, is arguably Chang’s most well-known performance. In addition, he made appearances on NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-O, and Shameless.

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Anthony Gonzalez as Rico Perez

bosch legacy season 2 cast

Rico Perez is the Bosch: Legacy persona created by Anthony Gonzalez. In the first season of Bosch: Legacy, Rico made her debut as a fellow police officer assisting Maddie during her rookie year. In addition to showing Maddie respect, Rico assists her in adjusting to her new work, which eventually sparks their romantic relationship. Gonzalez’s most well-known performance to date is in Bosch: Legacy. Gonzalez most recently had a brief appearance in a Christoph Waltz episode of The Consultant.

Denise G. Sanchez as Reina Vasquez

bosch legacy season 2 cast

In Bosch: Legacy, Denise G. Sanchez portrays Reina Vasquez. Reina is the LAPD training officer assigned to Maddie. She is a stern, no-nonsense police officer who puts Maddie to the test to determine whether or not she is cut out for the position. But later on, she softens her tough appearance and becomes a fantastic mentor to Maddie. Sanchez had recurrent appearances on television programs such as Mayans MC, a spinoff of Sons of Anarchy, and The Good Place. Her television credits also include guest stars on Criminal Minds, Sorry for Your Loss, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Bosch: Legacy Supporting Cast

Bosch Legacy characters positioned adjacent to one another on the poster

Phil Morris as John Creighton:

bosch legacy season 2 cast

The lead guard at Trinity Security, which serves billionaire Whitney Vance, is Creighton. The most well-known role for actor Phil Morris in film and television is that of lawyer Jackie Childs on Seinfeld. In addition, he starred as Silas Stone on Doom Patrol and as Martian Manhunter on Smallville in popular DC television shows. Morris was just added to the Strays voice cast as well.

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Carl Rogers as Michael Rose:

bosch legacy season 2 cast

Rogers is a businessman who assassinates a judge and then sets his sights on Honey. Michael Rose, who has made cameo appearances on television shows like Mad Men, Westworld, and Loki, as well as appearances in films like Ride Along 2 and Pitch Perfect 3, is playing Rogers in Bosch: Legacy.

William Devane as Whitney Vance:

bosch legacy season 2 cast

William Devane portrays Vance, a billionaire and Bosch associate who employs the investigator for a private assignment. Veteran American actor Devane featured in both the soap opera Knot’s Landing and the vengeance film Rolling Thunder. Throughout his lengthy career, he has also starred in films such as The Dark Knight Rises, 24, Marathon Man, Payback, and Space Cowboys.

Andrew Borba as Philip Corwin:

bosch legacy season 2 cast

Corwin has taken over as CEO of Whitney Vance’s business. Andrew Borba portrays the role of Bosch in Bosch: Legacy. Borba is an actor who has guest starred in a variety of television series and films, including Homeland, Station 19, Modern Family, The Shield, and Straight Outta Compton.

Kate Burton as Ida Porter

bosch legacy season 2 cast

Whitney Vance’s secretary is Ida Porter. Kate Burton, a Swiss actor best known for her appearances in the films Unfaithful, Big Trouble in Little China, and The Ice Storm, is playing Ida. Additionally, Burton has been nominated for an Emmy for his guest-starring appearances on Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy.

Steven Flynn as David Sloan: Sloan serves as Whitney Vance’s butler and is another employee. The Practice, JAG, and Justified are just a few of the well-known television shows in which actor Steven Flynn has had recurring parts.

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Mark Rolston as Lt. Don Thorne:

bosch legacy season 2 cast

Thorne is a character that appeared in Bosch as a hostile fellow LAPD cop. He plays Maddie’s more sympathetic superior cop in Bosch: Legacy. Character actor Rolston has acted in films that have won Best Picture Oscars, including The Shawshank Redemption and The Departed. Aliens, Rush Hour, and the Saw franchise are among the other noteworthy parts.

Scott Klace as John “Mank” Mankiewicz:

bosch legacy season 2 cast

Another character from Bosch that appears in Bosch: Legacy is Mank. He watches out for Maddie as a desk sergeant at Harry’s old station. Actor Scott Klace is a prolific artist who has acted in numerous television shows, including over 30 episodes of King of the Hill, and films such as The Pursuit of Happyness and Deja Vu. He never plays the same character twice.


Bosch Legacy Season 2 returns with gripping crime, justice, and intrigue in the heart of Los Angeles. Detective Harry Bosch, played by Titus Welliver, continues to lead the charge, deepening character complexities and relationships. With a talented ensemble cast, including Mimi Rogers, Madison Lintz, and more, this sequel promises a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense. Don’t miss the masterclass in storytelling as secrets unravel on Prime Video this October.