Demon Slayer Manga Ending Explained: Tanjiro’s Transformation and Beyond!

Demon Slayer Manga Ending Explained

The Demon Slayer manga finally came to an end when Muzan was killed and the Demon Slayer Corps won. Their triumph was a great triumph since it put an end to the Demons’ rule and permanently wiped out the Demon race. Remember that Muzan is the ancestor of all Demons in the series, so eliminating him will put an end to the development of Demons permanently.

Of course, the first climax was Muzan’s defeat by sunlight as the Demon Slayer Corps was never able to vanquish him due to his original overwhelming strength. It reached its apex when Tanjiro transformed into a demon and Muzan was vanquished. Despite being set in contemporary Japan, viewers should nonetheless pay close attention to the manga’s Extended Finale.

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I made the decision to record every aspect of the last few minutes of the last fight in order to learn more about the entire Demon Slayer conclusion. Along with understanding the significance of the longer finale for the series, you will also comprehend the author’s reasoning for including it.

What Happened at The End of Demon Slayer Manga?

Demon Slayer Manga Ending Explained

As an explanation of the manga’s conclusion, it is preferable to start with their victory against Muzan and work your way down to the lengthy climax. Given Muzan’s overwhelming might, all those against him at the time were about to surrender. Fortunately, sunshine is a demon’s primary weakness.

Fighting Muzan gave the Corps time, and it was finally time for the sun to rise—especially since some comrades had already lost their lives. The demons were now exterminated from the world, and the strong Muzan crumbled, relieving everyone. Some of them even sobbed as this marked the end of the most trying ordeal. They eventually rest when they can see no more opponents.

A few Demon Slayers assisted with the wounded, a few Hashira offered their thoughts on their decisive fight, a few still found it hard to accept that they had already prevailed, and so on. But when Giyu goes to check on Tanjiro, he doesn’t respond. Tanjiro thus awoke from his death, but he was no longer human.

Demon Slayer Manga Ending Explained

When word spread that Tanjiro had woken up, everyone initially exhaled deeply. They were aware that their friend had changed into a demon when they saw that Tanjiro’s arm had grown back, so they decided to avoid him. Now that Tanjiro appears to be acting oddly and is enjoying his new form with wild excitement, the shocked and worn-out Demon Slayers are wondering in horror.

However, this chapter presents the Kamado family in the present day, with one member bearing a strong likeness to Tanjiro. It also featured the offspring of Murata as well as those of Nezuko, Inosuke, and Zenitsu. They all appear to have a strong familial history and to be as close as their forebears were.

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Demon Slayer Manga Explained

Demon Slayer aspires to be one of the Demon Slayers who would aid in the permanent eradication of the Demons by following Tanjiro’s journey. Finally, the story’s resolution demonstrates that destroying Muzan, the source of all demon power, is the only way to achieve complete peace.

Demon Slayer Manga Ending Explained

It also shows that any obstacles that seem insurmountable may be overcome in due course if one is persistent and purely determined to create a better future. An alternative reading of this tale would have them devising a strategy to permanently defeat Muzan in order to ensure that the demon’s curse—which resembles a virus mixed with magic—would be broken.

Observe that Muzan is the only source of such power and that demons are born by her blood. Muzan’s metamorphosis into an all-powerful demon was ultimately the consequence of an experiment intended to keep him alive that partially failed and backfired.

Demon Slayer the Extended Finale Manga Explained

In short, the manga’s climax demonstrates how the Demon Slayers grew so close to one another that their families also grew very close to one another. It also illustrates the serenity that has descended upon the planet following the extermination of all demons, allowing future generations to lead regular lives akin to our own.

The symbolism of the extended finale also demonstrates how, in the absence of Demons from Kimetsu No Yaiba’s world, people will be able to finally concentrate on thriving and modernizing their environment, allowing them to live normally and not feel the need to struggle and turn into fighters who will simply die young.

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the Demon Slayer Corps triumphs over the formidable Muzan, ending the reign of Demons. The sunlight proves their savior as it vanquishes Muzan. However, the victory takes a twist when Tanjiro awakens as a demon, leaving his comrades shocked and fearful.

The extended finale depicts a harmonious future where families of Demon Slayers are close, and the world enjoys peace after the eradication of all demons. It’s a testament to the power of determination and unity in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.