Helck Anime Where To Watch- Plot, Characters and Release Date!

There are innumerable stories in the huge world of manga that fascinate readers with their distinct plots and fascinating realms. “Helck,” a dark fantasy manga written and drawn by Nanaki Nanao, is one such series. “Helck” has a devoted following because of its engaging tale, rich characters, and thought-provoking issues since its serialization.

In this article, we will dig into the universe of Helck, investigating its enthralling narrative, fascinating characters, and effect on the manga community. The episodes will begin showing on July 11, 2023. Mark your calendars for Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on where you live, so you can watch the episodes. We hope you are as excited to watch the anime as we are!

Helck anime where to watch?

helck anime where to watch

Helck” is now accessible for streaming on services like Crunchyroll-, allowing fans all around the world to experience the anime version of the series. The anime’s availability on numerous streaming platforms has increased its reach and appeal by making it more accessible to a larger audience.

In addition to streaming sites, Japanese fans may watch “Helck” on NTV and other television networks. This broadcast allows anime fans in Japan to see the series as it airs, providing a shared watching experience and boosting enthusiasm within the local anime community.

Helck anime where to read?

Nanaki Nanao wrote and drew Helck, which was serialized in Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website and MangaONE app from May 5, 2014, to December 18, 2017. Shogakukan released its chapters in twelve tankbon volumes between August 2014 and May 2018. Shogakukan began producing revised edition volumes with color pages from the original series run and new covers in April 2022.

Viz Media announced in June 2022 that they have the series for English publication. Shogakukan Asia announced in July 2023 that they have the series for publication in South East Asia.

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Plot of Helck

Three months have passed since the Demon Lord was destroyed by a lone human hero. While humanity was celebrating their triumph, the demon realm swiftly organized a tournament to select their next Lord. A strange contender swiftly growing through the competition is Helck, a human hero who claims to despise his own species. Vermilio the Red, one of the Four Elite Lords in charge of the tournament, accuses Helck of being a saboteur and attempts to rig the future bouts into skill games, but Helck continues to win.

Vermilion quickly discovers that Helck is a wanted felon in the human realm, suspected of murdering his brother, the great hero Cless, who killed the Demon Lord. Vermilion is still curious about Helck’s genuine purpose for attending the event. What has transpired in the human world in the last three months? And who are these enigmatic winged troops that are suddenly assaulting the demon world instead of the humans?

Helck cast

helck anime where to watch

The well-developed and multi-dimensional characters in “Helck” are one of the film’s most notable features. Helck is an intriguing figure whose actual character and goals are progressively exposed during the series. His personal conflicts and contradictory loyalties make him an interesting and sympathetic figure. Furthermore, the supporting characters, which include Princess Vamirio and the mysterious Azudora, add depth and complexity to the story, ensuring that readers remain immersed in their adventures.


“Helck” exemplifies the power of storytelling and the influence of thought-provoking narratives. The series has captured readers and left a lasting impact with its unique take on the hero’s journey, complex characters, and study of morality and identity. As fans anxiously await future developments and dig further into the universe of “Helck,” the series continues to push boundaries and break norms in the dark fantasy manga genre.

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