Hotel Portofino Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: A Riveting Dive Into Luxury and Drama!

hotel portofino season 1 episode 6 recap

Matt Baker is the creator and writer of the British period drama television series Hotel Portofino. It tells the story of an affluent clientele hotel owned and run by a British family in a 1920s Italian vacation town. In the UK, the six-episode first season of the show debuted on BritBox on January 27, 2022, and debuted on ITV on February 3, 2023.

Hotel Portofino Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

hotel portofino season 1 episode 6 recap

The first season of Hotel Portofino is coming to a close. The program managed to right the ship in spite of a clumsy first episode. The scene opens on a gorgeous, sunny morning for the finale. It’s the kind that makes you want to take a swim, draw a beautiful landscape (and a young woman you like), or hop on a train to pull off the last act of a meticulously plotted scam. Cecil stole his own painting, even though he had accused Vincenzo Danioni, Jack Turner, and Pelham Wingfield of being the thieves.

Meeting with a private art dealer in Genoa, Mr. Ainsworth describes how, with Francesco’s help, he pulled off the theft right under everyone’s nose. For his family heirloom, Cecil receives payments totaling more than £60,000 (not including the check that Jack Turner gave him). In a final act of deceit, Cecil sends his brother a telegram claiming that the picture was not a Rubens and that he will wire his portion of the £1000 sale price shortly after going to the bank to cash his ill-gotten profits.

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hotel portofino season 1 episode 6 recap

Mr. Ainsworth tells Bella a falsehood about the painting’s insurance when he returns with flowers in hand, having forgotten his terrible mistreatment. He is cheerful until he realizes how much harm he has caused to his wife’s face. He accuses her, claiming he was “a little more heavy-handed than perhaps was necessary”—as if that were an acceptable way to express regret! Claudine observes this exchange. She gives Bella a room while she takes care of her wounds. Bella, in tears, tells her how much she has appreciated Claudine’s sisterly demeanor since first meeting her.

Alice, on the other hand, has been fuming about the increasing relationship between her brother and Miss March, and she has reached her breaking point when she witnesses the pair having a tea party with Alice’s daughter, Lottie. Envious sister finds letters and a picture of Constance’s little son. Presenting her proof to Lucian, Alice says she’s attempting to prevent him from embarrassing the family and himself. After returning the letter to her, he walks away. Alice can no longer get Bella to listen to her complaints about Constance’s weakened morals.

As Billy Scanlon’s release is being arranged, Cecil notices that Francesco is taking money from Danioni. When Cecil discovers his driver has been spying, he offers Danioni a stack of lire to end the art theft probe and free Scanlon. Vincenzo claims the two are relatives. Cecil also offers another bundle of money “from one dog to another.” Danioni appreciates the allusion to his previous threat, and the two men raise a glass to their newfound comprehension. Billy is sternly warned by Cecil that although he paid to get him out of jail, he will also pay to get him back in if he disobeys.

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hotel portofino season 1 episode 6 recap

Regarding Lucian and Rose’s forced union, their parents plot to make them miserable in order to further their own agendas, even after the pair concedes that they aren’t a good fit. Despite his repulsive flirting with Julia, Cecil is able to maintain his son and daughter-in-law thanks to his fraudulent windfall. The Ainsworth/Drummond-Ward merger is thus formally underway. Cecil is the worst person in this series, as Lucian is once more harassed by his father to move on with his life and fulfill his responsibilities.

Numerous hearts are shattered. Paola, though she was aware of the situation already; in spite of his candid conversation with Claudine, Nish was unable to face the truth and save his best friend. Rose and Lucian are mere puppets in a family money game, but Constance has been in love with Lucian since day one and must have realized that he felt the same way. Is there a marriage proposal that is more dismal than this one?

Constance can’t contain her emotions at the celebration of her engagement and deletes her post. She fears her secret has been revealed when she discovers her letters are missing from her chamber. Bella follows up with Constance, restoring her lost letters and telling her that she is not dismissed and that people ought to be forgiven rather than condemned for their transgressions. Bella reveals that one of the reasons they left England for a fresh start in Portofino was because she lost her youngest to influenza.

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As the guests leave, Count Albani expresses his desire to wed Alice. Nish makes the decision to confront the fascists in Turin alongside Gianluca. Pelham Wingfield is solvent until he and Lizzie need to support a child, even though he lost his tournament because he gambled against himself. Lady Latchmere and her niece Melissa intend to tell all of their sophisticated acquaintances about the Hotel Portofino. Cecil leaves Bella a £1000 cheque, which he describes as a friendship gift. She dismantles it, declaring that neither she nor he will ever touch her again, nor will she again demand money from him. Bella, bravo!


In the finale of Hotel Portofino, Cecil orchestrates an art theft, deceiving everyone, and cashing in on a substantial sum. Family tensions rise, and secrets are revealed, leading to a forced marriage between Lucian and Rose. Count Albani expresses his desire to marry Alice, and various characters face their own challenges and decisions. The episode ends with Bella rejecting money from Cecil and standing her ground.

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