How to Watch “Bring the Soul: The Movie” and Experience BTS Like Never Before

BTS, the mega-group phenomenon from South Korea, has taken over the world with its catchy music, mesmerizing performances, and contagious personality. “Bring the Soul: The Movie” provides fans of the group with a unique opportunity to get closer to their beloved idols. This article will instruct you on how to view this enthralling documentary and immerse yourself in the world of BTS like never before.

How to Watch Bring the Soul: The Movie

  1. Choose a VPN that has been optimized for streaming.
  2. Download the VPN client and connect to an American server.
  3. Register with Netflix.
  4. Find Bring The Soul: The Movie and stream it regardless of your location.

When Will Bring the Soul: The Movie Be Broadcast?

how to watch bring the soul: the movie

On September 10, 2023, BTS Army will be able to watch Bring The Soul: The Movie on Netflix, as the film’s premiere date has been determined. On August 7, 2019, the film was originally released in theaters worldwide, providing an intimate glimpse into the lives of BTS members.

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What Is the BTS Documentary Bring the Soul: The Movie About?

On August 7, 2019, BTS released this documentary worldwide in theaters. Based on the film, a documentary series was subsequently released on August 27, 2019. The documentary provides a look at the boy band’s life, voyage, and behind-the-scenes moments of the Love Yourself tour.

Following the final concert of their European tour on a Parisian terrace, the film opens. The members recount their encounters with an entirely new world while performing in new locations and in front of enormous crowds of fans.

This documentary offers an intimate look into their world, not as celebrities, but as seven lads experiencing something so enormous and thrilling. We are able to observe them being themselves while they share refreshments and stories. The film was released in over 110 countries, making it the most widely distributed cinematic event premiere in history.

What Is the Film Bring the Soul About?

The Korean musical phenomenon BTS embarks on a world tour, performing on a Parisian rooftop. Here, they share their personal experiences exploring new cities and entertaining tens of thousands of fans around the globe. Combining personal conversations with breathtaking live performances.

Bring the Soul: The Movie Trailer

What Is the IMDB Rating for Bring the Soul: The Movie?

The IMDb rating for Bring the Soul: The Movie is 8.4 based on over 2,600 votes.

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Bring the Soul: The Cast of The Film

how to watch bring the soul: the movie

Bring The Soul: The Movie follows the K-pop boy band BTS on their European Love Yourself tour, including behind-the-scenes footage, live performances in front of thousands of admirers, and interviews with each member discussing life in the public eye.


This documentary reveals Namjoon’s profound reflections on love, relationships, and self-discovery, as well as his humility in the face of adversity. He offers insights on the significance of both waiting in love and questioning common terms.


As the senior member, Jin discusses the privacy issues BTS encounters as a result of their fame. Providing a glimpse of the difficulties they face while attempting to appreciate everyday activities abroad. He remains a positive influence within the group despite this.


Yoongi, renowned for his rapping and music production abilities, reflects wryly on the creative process and alludes to an unreleased song. He displays his playful nature while remaining committed to their music and exercises.


J-Hope, known as the group’s “sunshine,” reveals his passion for the outdoors and his unwavering dedication to performing, even when he is ill. His meticulousness as the dance leader is apparent.


Jimin’s journey includes coping with chronic pain, his commitment to improving stamina, and a touching fan event to commemorate his birthday during their tour. He describes the effort put into their onstage attire.


Even when confronting health issues, Taehyung’s dedication to performing is apparent. His emotional struggle with a sore throat in Paris exemplifies the band’s commitment to their admirers and to one another.


Jungkook’s dedication to performing demonstrates his determination. Despite a leg injury and his emotional reaction to performance errors. His quest for self-improvement is the main motif.

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