Is Hidan Still Alive in Boruto? The Shocking Truth About Hidan in Boruto!

Hidan is regarded as one of Naruto’s all-time greatest foes. He was the partner of Kakuzu and the second most recent member of Akatsuki, despite the two of them not getting along. In the Akatsuki Suppression Mission Arc, he was one of the two primary adversaries.

This character has medium-length silver hair that is pulled back and is shown as a 22-year-old with striking pinkish-purple eyes. His Yugakure forehead protector is slung around his neck, and he is wearing an open Akatsuki cloak without a shirt.

We will examine the likelihood of his reappearance in the Naruto sequel, Boruto, in this section. Let’s look into this more and see if Hidan is still alive or not, and also find out more details on Hidan.

Is Hidan Still Alive?

Yes, Is Hidan Still Alive in Boruto, but Due to Malnutrition, He Is Progressively Losing His Life. Since Shikamaru was blasted to pieces, Akatsuki in particular thought Hidan was dead. Even he promised to gather himself and exact revenge on Shikamaru in the future, where he was buried while he was still alive.

Is Hidan Still Alive in Boruto

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Hidan was stopped by Shikamaru’s shadow as he attempted to kill Shikamaru in vengeance and restrained by encircling explosive tags. Shikamaru made his move by triggering a ready mark, causing the ground to cave in beneath Hidan.

Shikamaru ignited a cigarette or lighter and threw it at Hidan as retaliation for Asuma’s murder, setting off the explosive tags. Hidan is unkillable; Shikamaru only recently destroyed him. Even he promised to gather himself and exact revenge on Shikamaru in the future, where he was buried while he was still alive.

Who Is Hidan?

Hidan is an S-Rank Missing-Nin who left the Yugakure and eventually enlisted with the Akatsuki. Then, despite the fact that they didn’t get along, he teamed up with Kakuzu. When Tobi was introduced, Hidan was the second-newest member of the Akatsuki.

Is Hidan Still Alive in Boruto

Hidan and Kakuzu are known as the undead Combo, according to Kisame Hoshigaki. Shikamaru Nara from Team 10 murdered Hidan. Since he is immortal, it hasn’t been determined for sure if he’s actually passed away. He is allegedly interred in the Nara Clan Forest Reserve’s steep slopes.

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