Kengan Ashura Season 3 Release Date Finally Announced: The Wait is Over!

Kengan Ashura has been renewed for a third season! The anime featuring unarmed combat will be back in 2023. The animation is eventually given the go-ahead after three years of waiting. This anime has more to offer than just many legitimate fighting methods.

The much-anticipated Kengan Ashura: Season 3 is in the works, the official Netflix anime Twitter account said earlier in March 2022. Larx Entertainment is likely to continue serving as the project’s animation studio, despite the fact that no information has been made public on this.

The campaign to choose the new Kengan Association Chairman has gone on for three years. Will Ohma Tokita maintain his title? How did he get even with Setsuna Kiry? Here is what we currently know about Netflix’s third installment of Kengan Ashura.

When Will Kengan Ashura: Season 3 Be Released?

The return of Kengan Ashura for part 3 is scheduled for some time in 2023, according to some fresh key visual art posted on Netflix’s official Twitter account for its anime series. With a Tweet stating that the new season of Kengan Ashura will premiere in September 2023.

Netflix Anime and Netflix France provided a month window in March 2023. As of right now, we know that day to be September 21, 2023. A poster featuring Tokija Ouma was included with the announcement along with even more brand-new artwork.

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Plot of Season 3 of Kengan Ashura

Ohma Tokita, the fearless fighter who competes for the Nogi Group in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, will continue to have an exciting narrative to tell in the third season of Kengan Ashura. Gladiators engage in a cruel competition where they compete for the fame and financial advantage of their corporate sponsors, who, by winning, can take control of numerous markets and industries.

Since gladiator arenas were built in some parts of Japan during the Edo era, competition has been going on. Ohma battled Raian, a cunning assassin from the Kure Clan who had a personal vendetta against him, in the previous season. In a brutal struggle, Ohma defeated Raian by using his Advance technique, which increases his physical prowess but hurts his body.

Kengan Ashura Season 3 Release Date

Ohma’s health deteriorated and he passed out after the battle, so this win was not without a price. The rest of the tournament will be played out in the third season when Ohma faces more challenging opponents and struggles with his own limitations.

The third season will also delve into the motivations and histories of other competitors, sponsors, and the political and economic ramifications of the competition. As Ohma battles for his life and his honor in the ultimate gladiator arena, the third season will be jam-packed with action, drama, and suspense.

Kengan Ashura Cast Season 3

In season three of Kengan Ashura, who will voice our favorite characters? The majority of the key cast members are likely to return to their roles from the previous seasons. For Kengan Ashura season 3, the following voice actors have been confirmed:

Kengan Ashura Season 3 Release Date

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Is there any trailer for season 3 of Kengan Ashura?

The third season of Kengan Ashura has not yet had its trailer released. For the time being, enjoy the season one trailer. Following the debut of the official trailer, the trailer will be updated.

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