Killing Floor 3 Release Date: Trailers, and In-Game Previews!

When will Killing Floor 3 be released? Killing Floor 2 was released nearly seven years ago, introducing Horzine Biotech’s Zeds to a more single-player-friendly format after the first game’s 6-player co-op experience. If you believed the series was dead after 2017’s less popular VR game, we have some good news.

When Behaviour Interactive acquired Killing Floor co-creators Antimatter Games, we’d like to believe that our conjecture led to the creation of Killing Floor 3. A sneak peek during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 confirmed that the survival game is in development, regardless of whether you have us to credit for its conception. Here is what we know about Killing Floor 3’s prospective release window, gameplay, and more.

Killing Floor 3 Launch Date Rumours

killing floor 3 release date

The probable release date for Killing Floor 3 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S is late 2024. The reveal trailer for Killing Floor 3 is primarily pre-rendered, with only a small portion containing what could be in-game imagery. As a result, it is highly unlikely that the game will be released within the next year.

Throughout the years, numerous games have been teased at Gamescom, but unless developers use the platform to disclose a release date, these games are typically still in early development. Our best estimate is that Killing Floor 3 will be released no earlier than late 2024. Killing Floor 2 was released in November 2016, while Killing Floor: Incursion was published in late 2017 as a virtual reality game.

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Killing Floor 3 Trailers

Only one Killing Floor 3 trailer has been released thus far, and it begins with a large humanoid creature secured to an operating table and reveals that it was created specifically for this purpose. A large wheel saw is used to dissect its thorax, and a glowing core is inserted into the gaping wound. Once the transformation is complete, the scene exposes hundreds of terrifying Fleshpounds, one of the series’ most ferocious foes.

Killing Floor 3 appears to feature the return of numerous familiar Zed enemies, including the Husk, as well as a boss that appears to be a more brutal version of King Fleshpound, as seen at the conclusion of the trailer.

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Killing Floor 3 Gameplay

killing floor 3 release date

From what we know so far, Killing Floor 3’s gameplay appears to be similar to that of the previous two primary games. According to the description of the announcement trailer on the official Tripwire Interactive YouTube channel, you join forces with up to five teammates to battle waves of Zeds, earn cash, access skills, and construct the ultimate arsenal.

The game is set in 2091, and you play as a member of the Nightfall dissident group attempting to bring the Horzine corporation to its knees. In the seventy years since Killing Floor 2, Horzine has amassed a vast army of Zeds; as a Nightfall representative, it is your responsibility to eliminate them.

This guide will be updated as more information about Killing Floor 3 becomes available from Tripwire Interactive, so if you’re interested, be sure to bookmark it. You could replay the previous Killing Floor games or play one of our other beloved horror games while you wait. There are also plenty of non-horror FPS titles available if you prefer something a little less bloody.

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