Kimi Ni Todoke Season 3- Netflix Confirms The Return Of From Me To You!

“Kimi ni Todoke,” also known as “From Me to You,” is a touching anime and manga series that has won over people all over the world. This coming-of-age narrative, written and drawn by Karuho Shiina, chronicles the journey of Sawako Kuronuma, a quiet and misunderstood high school student who longs to create meaningful connections with her friends.

“Kimi ni Todoke” has become a beloved series that connects with fans of all ages thanks to its appealing characters, emotional narrative, and themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery.

Kimi Ni Todoke Season 3

We have excellent news for “Kimi ni Todoke” lovers! After a 12-year gap after the release of the second season in 2011, the series is slated to return for a third season in 2024. It’s fantastic to learn that the original voice performers will reprise their roles, assuring viewers’ continuity and familiarity. Furthermore, the availability of the third season for streaming on Netflix gives fans all around the world ease and accessibility. This announcement is likely to excite fans who have been waiting for the continuation of Sawako’s touching journey of love, friendship, and self-discovery.

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Kimi Ni Todoke Plot

“Kimi ni Todoke” is about Sawako Kuronuma, a meek and misunderstood high school girl who is frequently mistaken for a ghostly apparition due to her likeness to the character from “The Ring.” Despite her pleasant personality, Sawako finds it difficult to establish friends and is alienated by her peers.

When Shota Kazehaya, the popular and boisterous kid in her class, expresses interest in Sawako, everything changes. Sawako’s life begins to change as they connect more. She eventually learns to overcome her social concerns and break free from the preconceptions that have haunted her with Kazehaya’s assistance.

Amidst the backdrop of friendship, “Kimi ni Todoke” also explores the tender and heartfelt romance between Sawako and Kazehaya. Their relationship develops slowly, filled with genuine moments of vulnerability, sweetness, and growth. The series highlights the importance of communication, trust, and understanding in building a strong foundation for love.

Kimi Ni Todoke Cast

The main cast of “Kimi ni Todoke” includes:

kimi ni todoke season 3

1. Sawako Kuronuma – Voiced by Mamiko Noto: Sawako is the protagonist of the series, a kind-hearted and misunderstood high school girl who is often mistaken for a ghostly figure due to her appearance.

2. Shota Kazehaya – Voiced by Daisuke Namikawa: Kazehaya is a popular and friendly boy in school who takes an interest in Sawako. He becomes her closest friend and love interest, supporting her throughout her journey of self-discovery.

3. Ayane Yano – Voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro: Ayane is one of Sawako’s classmates and becomes one of her closest friends. She is known for her straightforward and caring nature.

4. Chizuru Yoshida – Voiced by Yuko Sanpei: Chizuru is another classmate of Sawako and Ayane. She is energetic, loyal, and often provides comic relief with her antics.

5. Ryu Sanada – Voiced by Yuuki Kaji: Ryu is Kazehaya’s best friend and a classmate of Sawako. He is calm, kind, and often acts as a mediator among their group of friends.


“Kimi ni Todoke” is a sweet and accessible series that depicts the road of self-discovery, friendship, and love nicely. The series has touched the hearts of people all around the world with its appealing characters, emotional narrative, and examination of subjects such as perception, misunderstandings, and personal growth. Whether you like romance, coming-of-age stories, or just want a sweet and uplifting anime or manga experience, “Kimi ni Todoke” is a must-watch/read that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy long after the narrative finishes.

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