Law and Order SVU Season 25 Release Date: Stabler and Benson’s Return!

Over two decades, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” has been a constant source of entertainment and intrigue for lovers of crime dramas and police procedurals. The program has remained a fan favorite due to its compelling stories, dedicated cast, and commitment to addressing important social issues. As the anticipation for each new season increases, Season 25’s release date is avidly anticipated. This article explores what is currently known about the highly anticipated revival of “Law and Order: SVU.”

Law & Order: SVU Release Date for Season 25

law and order svu season 25 release date

The 25th season of Law & Order: SVU will not be released until 2024 due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, culminating in a shorter season with as few as 12 episodes. The principal cast, including Mariska Hargitay and Ice-t, will return for the 25th season, but no new additions have been announced.

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Season 25 of Law & Order: SVU: The Complete Plot Description

Season 25 of Law & Order: SVU has not yet revealed the stories it will explore. The updated NBC schedule reveals, however, that one anticipated plot development is unlikely to occur in the near future. Law & Order: Organized Crime, the spinoff starring Christopher Meloni’s Detective Elliot Stabler, will move out of the “three-prong” line-up (the arrangement that sees it air after other Law & Order shows on Thursday nights) until at least midseason. This means that there will be fewer opportunities for crossovers and for the development of Stabler and Benson’s potential romantic relationship.

The Cast of Law & Order: SVU Season 25

law and order svu season 25 release date

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No new cast members have been announced for season 25 of Law & Order: SVU. As a result, audiences can anticipate a familiar returning cast led by Mariska Hargitay, who has played Olivia Benson since the show’s premiere in 1999, and Ice-T, who recently stated on the Tonight Show, “I’m gonna stay on until the wheels fall off.”

Peter Scanavino as Dominik Carisi, Octavio Pisano as Joe Velasco, Kevin Kane as Terry Bruno, Jasmine Batchelor as Tonie Churlish, and Demore Barnes as Christian Barland are also anticipated to return.

Dominik Carisi’s continued presence on Law & Order: SVU is excellent news for those who wish to see more of Amanda Rollins. With her farewell episode featuring her marriage to long-time companion ADA Carisi and season 24’s finale featuring her pregnancy with his child, the likelihood of Kelli Giddish reprising the role as a guest star is extremely high.

The most recent Law & Order: SVU season 25 news involves the official confirmation of an unexpected cast departure hinted at in the season 24 finale. The season 24 finale of Law & Order: SVU, which also marked the conclusion of a thrilling crossover event with Law & Order: Organized Crime, saw Detective Grace Muncy (Molly Burnett) seemingly depart the team for a new one.

Molly Burnett’s Law & Order: SVU exit has been confirmed, and her character will not return for season 25. While the finality of this farewell was ambiguous amid the chaos of the Law & Order crossover finale, it has since been confirmed that Burnett’s character will not return for season 25.

Given Kelli Giddish’s controversial departure from Law & Order: SVU, the apparent precipitous departure of one of the squad’s newest members came as a surprise.

Her character, Amanda Rollins, was a longtime member of the unit, and after her midseason departure, it seemed likely that the producers of Law & Order: SVU would want to maintain continuity with the remaining cast.

The news that Burnett will not be returning to Law & Order: SVU is another setback to Law & Order: SVU viewers, who may have already been affected by the cast reduction.

Where to Watch?

Currently, Law & Order is available on NBC and FuboTV. Additionally, the program is available for rental or purchase on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes.


As the highly anticipated Season 25 of “Law & Order: SVU” approaches 2024, fans eagerly await the return of their beloved cast, while acknowledging the challenges faced due to industry strikes. With some cast departures and uncertainties in the plot, the series continues to intrigue and captivate audiences, promising another compelling chapter in its storied history. Stay tuned for more updates as the wheels keep turning in this iconic crime drama’s world.

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