Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date Coming Out: A New Twist Awaits!

Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date

Lookism is a manhwa webtoon from South Korea. Tae-Joon Park is the author and illustrator. Starting in November 2014, it was released every week on Naver Webtoon. In it, an ugly boy named Park Heong Seok is teased at school because of his appearance.

After an incredible transformation, Daniel awakens one day with a brand-new physique that is tall, attractive, and exudes charm. He looks forward to realizing the dreams and goals he could only have imagined in his previous form.

Several readers have found amusement in this manhwa, which has gained success. A look at the publication date, spoilers, raw scan, and other features of Lookism chapter 468, which is soon to be released, can be found in this post.

Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date Announced

Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date

Lookism Chapter 468 will be released on Thursday, September 28, 2023. Lookism is one of the most popular South Korean Webtoon, which was initially released on July 17, 2018.

A new chapter of this series has been added after it gained enormous success in its brief launch. Indeed! In the end, Lookism Chapter 468 made its debut, and several of its chapters have already aired.

Lookism Chapter 468 Spoiler

Chapter 468 of Lookism features a dramatic change in Park Heong Seok, a high school boy who has been bullied relentlessly because of his weight. Heong Seok has asked his mother to move him to a new school because the constant assault of taunts and jeers has a profound negative impact on him.

Lookism Chapter 468 Release DateHeong Seok experiences an incredible shift in his body after moving to Seoul. Over the course of several nights, his body becomes more defined.

For Heong Seok, this advancement represents a huge turning point since it gives him the opportunity to overcome the devastating consequences of lookism and regain his sense of self-worth and confidence.

Lookism Chapter 467 Recap

The novel Lookism takes an unexpected turn as Jake overcomes the powerful man Samuel. Jake’s steadfast resolve to defend his family is demonstrated by this incident, which goes beyond a simple physical altercation.

Lookism Chapter 468 Release DateA crucial point is brought up by Jake’s increased strength, though: Where does he get the energy from? Are there other elements at work or is it only a matter of willpower? There are always going to be good and bad things about lookism.

It supports individuals who have been bullied to advocate for themselves and, on the one hand, gives the poor more rights. By the same token, whereas the basic goal may be good, it may send an incorrect message, implying that using violence to solve issues is a viable option.

Some parts of the story, such as the most recent one, show the positive aspects of this complexity, such as resilience and the determination to defend others. That being said, the plot might change.

Lookism Chapter 468 Release DateWith symptoms resembling those of someone under the influence of a strong narcotic, Jake’s post-confrontation state seems concerning, confusing supporters. Jay could now have to control Jake if he gets out of hand because he’s now involved.

Instead of getting into more arguments, Jake and Jay might work together to figure out what this strange medicine is all about. There may be a new plot arc revealed as a result, with obstacles and fascinating personalities to meet.

Where To Read Lookism Chapter 468?

Never Webtoon and Never Series offer viewers the raw version of Lookism Chapter 468. Translated versions of Lookism can be found on Webtoons. Immersion into the mystery surrounding Jake’s transformation, the upcoming chapter seems to be an interesting continuation of the tale.

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Looks-wise This thrilling fight, which comes to a close in Chapter 468, has captivating readers. In this exciting episode, Hudson Ahn can expect a difficult challenge. This chapter will officially be the last one in the novel because of all the twists and turns it contains.

You’ll desire more after reading this chapter’s investigation of lookism. At the pinnacle of the manga genre, lookism is rapidly gaining popularity because of its captivating plot and exceptionally well-developed characters. It unnerves fans with the plot twist.

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