Moonshiners Season 13 Set to Premiere Soon: Unleashing the Adventure!

An increasingly popular crime documentary series with a unique plot that has been favorably received by viewers is called Moonshiners. Because of the notoriety that season 12 of the program delivers, Moonshiners Season 13 is currently trending on a lot of topics.

Everyone has been excited about the show’s future ever since. This post will go over every scenario that could occur in Season 13. The show dramatizes their everyday lives, attempts to make alcohol and strategies for dodging the law.

We’re here to give you the information you need to know about it. Check out the information we have so far gathered for you. Here’s everything you need to know about Moonshiners’ upcoming season’s outcome.

Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date Speculation

Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date

Since the studio has not renewed Moonshiners for a 13th season, there is no set release date. We will ensure that you are informed of the official release date as soon as the producers and makers reveal it.

Following its announcement, Moonshiners’ first season premiered on December 6, 2011. In total, there were seven episodes. The remaining seasons will be made available in the upcoming years. The second season of Moonshiners premiered on November 7, 2012.

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The Plot of Moonshiners Season 13

A gripping true-crime documentary series is Moonshiner. The main characters of this story are a group of Appalachians who are forced to carry on the centuries-old, illicit moonshine production tradition. Discovery Channel has terminated the show after twelve seasons.

Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date

We have to speculate on the plot of Moonshiners since there aren’t many details available regarding the impending thirteenth season. But the story will probably pick up where the previous one left off in the upcoming season.

According to members of the local administration, the program is not what it seems to be. The American docudrama Moonshiners is presently running its thirteenth season on television. We will discuss all of the most recent information on Moonshiners Season 13 in this article.

Moonshiners Season 13 Cast

Since the studio has not announced any update regarding season 13, the cast has not decided yet. We may expect cast members like:

Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date

What Happened at The End of Moonshiners Season 12?

Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date

Since the show’s November 2018 launch, 14 episodes of Season 12 of Moonshiners have been broadcast. In season 12’s episode 14, Daniel and Richard make a poor decision and lose $3000 in copper stills. Josh, though, plans to depart the nation when the fire marshal begins his investigation. All that’s left is the season’s last episode, though.

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Is there any Trailer for Season 13 of  Moonshiners?

In the past ten years, Moonshiners has grown in popularity. Viewer ratings and comments have been largely positive as a result of this. Since the 13th season of Moonshiners has not been renewed, a trailer is not available.


Certainly! As of now, we’re all in the dark about when “Moonshiners” Season 13 will see the light of day. This beloved true-crime series has left fans hanging, but we’re all eagerly waiting for any updates. So, keep your moonshine jugs ready because the next season is bound to bring more thrilling stories from the Appalachian hills!

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  1. What a colorful cast of outlaws. Thanks for taking us on a journey throughout history with moonshining. I am so excited for season thirteen. This is a show where a person like myself who doesn’t drink a drop of alcohol wishes I could run a batch of shine with Mark and Digger. What a fabulous life experience that would be. Thanks Matt for producing such a fabulous series of entertainment second to none others.


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