Top 10 Netflix Movies Based On True Stories- Popcorn And Netflix Invite You To Watch These Films!

Top 10 Netflix Movies Based On True Stories

Films based on true events capture the spirit of real-life events with realism and emotional depth, whether it’s the inspirational quest for justice, the discovery of personal identity, or the revelation of hidden truths. They serve as a reminder of the value of empathy, understanding, and the ability to learn from the past and Netflix truly understands that.

We are not only entertained but also enlightened and motivated by these flicks. They are a testimony to the tenacious human spirit and the ability of film to bring these stories to life. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and prepare to be inspired, informed, and forever transformed by these extraordinary true stories.

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Top 10 Netflix Movies Based On True Stories

In this list, we’ve carefully curated the top 10 Netflix movies based on true stories that will transport you into the lives of remarkable people and the events that shaped them. From inspiring biopics to gripping historical dramas, these films offer a unique blend of entertainment and education. So get ready to witness the power of true stories as we explore the very best that Netflix has to offer.

1. Boy Erased

True tale of Jared Eamons, an 18-year-old from Arkansas who is struggling with his sexual identity in a strongly religious environment. Lucas Hedges plays Jared, who must confront his own reality after discovering he is gay.

Russell Crowe plays his father, a car salesman and evangelist, and Nicole Kidman plays his loving and conventional mother, a hairdresser. When Jared eventually tells his parents about his sexual orientation, they pressure him to attend a Christian conversion camp, where they believe his lifestyle choice may be prayed away.

2. Operation Odessa

Operation Odessa is a mind-boggling true crime documentary that can also be seen as a real-life black comedy. Directed by Tiller Russell, the film introduces us to a cast of audacious characters who pull off a $35 million submarine deal involving the FBI, Pablo Escobar, and the Russian Mafia.

This story goes beyond the submarine deal, delving into a web of outrageous events that will leave you both amazed and entertained. With its crazy and humorous twists, Operation Odessa is a brilliantly executed documentary that defies belief.

3. The King

The King is a historical drama set in 15th-century England. The film follows the journey of young Prince Hal, who reluctantly ascends to the throne after the death of his father, King Henry IV. As he grapples with the weight of his newfound responsibilities, Hal must navigate the treacherous world of politics, power struggles, and war.

With the guidance of his loyal friend, Sir John Falstaff, Hal transforms into a formidable leader and faces off against rival factions, including the French army. Through battles, personal sacrifices, and moral dilemmas, Hal strives to establish his own legacy and become the king his people need.

4. Outlaw King

Outlaw King is a historical action-drama set in 14th-century Scotland. The film follows the true story of Robert the Bruce, a nobleman who becomes a legendary figure and leads a rebellion against the oppressive English rule. After the death of William Wallace, Robert takes up the mantle and rallies his fellow Scots to fight for their independence.

Facing overwhelming odds and betrayal from within his own ranks, Robert must navigate treacherous political alliances and engage in fierce battles to reclaim his country’s sovereignty. With his unwavering determination and the support of his loyal followers, Robert the Bruce becomes a symbol of hope and defiance in the face of tyranny.

5. The Pursuit Of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness is a heartwarming biographical drama based on the true story of Chris Gardner. Set in 1980s San Francisco, the film follows Chris, a struggling salesman and single father, as he faces homelessness and financial hardship. Determined to provide a better life for his young son, Christopher, Chris takes on an unpaid internship at a prestigious stock brokerage firm, battling against all odds to secure a permanent position. Enduring countless challenges and setbacks, Chris’s unwavering determination, resilience, and love for his son drive him forward in his pursuit of happiness. This inspiring tale showcases the power of hope, perseverance, and the strength of the human spirit.


6. Philomena

Philomena is poignant and inspired by true events tale, Judi Dench delivers a captivating performance as an elderly Irish woman on a quest to find the child she was forced to give up decades ago. Keeping her sinful past a secret for fifty years, Dench’s portrayal is nothing short of remarkable. Her undeniable talent shines through, and her charm in the role is immeasurable.

7. Official Secrets

Official Secrets is an astounding real story of an Iraq War whistleblower who is still relatively unknown in the United States. Katharine Gun was working for the British government’s communications office when she received a document in the months running up to the war revealing that the US had requested illegal eavesdropping help from the UK on UN ambassadors. She chooses to release this document in a heroic gesture, thinking that it may prevent her government from going to war.

8. Dolemite Is My Name

Dolemite Is My Name” is a biographical comedy-drama that tells the inspiring story of Rudy Ray Moore, a struggling comedian and musician in 1970s Los Angeles. Frustrated with his lack of success, Rudy creates a larger-than-life alter ego named Dolemite, a pimp with a knack for rhyming and an outrageous sense of style.

With the help of his friends and a motley crew of misfits, Rudy sets out to produce and distribute his own low-budget blaxploitation film, “Dolemite.” As the production faces numerous challenges and setbacks, Rudy’s determination and infectious enthusiasm propel him toward achieving his dream of becoming a cultural icon and a symbol of empowerment for the African-American community.

9. The Siege Of Jadotville

The Siege of Jadotville is a unique sort of military film. It does not retell great wars or represent famous heroes; rather, it is about unsung heroes and events. The Irish 35 Battalion ‘A’ Company, in particular, is a group of young people deployed on a United Nations mission to the Congo.

What was meant to be a basic placement rapidly becomes one of the most sought-after sites, and the battalion of 150 war virgins is pitted against 3000 mercenaries headed by experienced French commandants. And what an homage this picture is: it’s well-paced and strongly filmed, and the performance is flawless, driven by Jamie Dornan on one side and Guillaume Canet on the other.

10. The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

In The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, a little child gets dismissed from school because his parents cannot pay tuition, according to a genuine story given in English and Chichewa (a Malawian language). At the same time, his community is besieged by a slew of natural disasters, including drought and starvation. The little lad sneaks inside the library in the hopes of building a windmill and rescuing his community, and you can probably predict what happens next.


These top ten true-story films provide an enthralling combination of real-life events, fascinating plots, and superb performances. From inspiring stories of success and perseverance to dramatic tales of crime and justice, each film takes us on a trip that will stay with us long after the credits have rolled.

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