Rudrangi Movie Review: Unleashing the Epic Saga of Myth and Magic!

Rudrangi Movie Review

The historical drama Rudrangi Movie is set in the Telangana village of Rudrangi during the first decades of Indian Independence. The plot centers on the romance of Mallesh and Rudrangi, childhood sweethearts who become embroiled in a complicated conflict involving the lecherous feudal lord Bhim Rao Deshmukh and his disgruntled second wife, Jwala Bhai.

A feudal town serves as the setting for the story of love, power, and betrayal in the Rudrangi Movie. Mallesh and Rudrangi, two lovers caught in the crossfire of their battle, are examined as a result of the fierce rivalry between Bhim Rao Deshmukh and his second wife, Jwala Bhai.

The protagonists have to navigate a maze of emotions, societal backwardness, and caste hierarchy as the plot develops. The film’s director, Ajay Samrat, is an action movie director. Let’s check out the movie.

Rudrangi Telugu Movie Review

An audience is transported to the early years of Indian Independence by the Telugu historical drama Rudrangi. Jagapathi Babu, Mamta Mohandas, Ashish Gandhi, and Ganavi Laxman are among the film’s brilliant ensemble cast, which is directed by Ajay Samrat.

Despite having a compelling plot and an authentic locale, Rudrangi Movie falls short in terms of conveying the emotional depth necessary to fully fascinate the spectator. The story, which is set in the Telangana village of Rudrangi, centers on the linked lives of childhood sweethearts Mallesh (Ashish Gandhi) and Rudrangi (Ganavi Laxman), who are torn between a complicated rivalry.

The story is made more intriguing by the adversary, a lecherous feudal lord named Bhim Rao Deshmukh (Jagapathi Babu), and his unhappy second wife, Jwala Bhai (Mamta Mohandas). The movie examines social hierarchy, betrayal, power, and love against the backdrop of a changing country.

As the terrifying and repulsive Bhim Rao Deshmukh, Jagapathi Babu does a commendable job of immersing himself in the role. Mamta Mohandas astounds the audience with her potent interpretation of Jwala Bhai, holding their attention with her captivating performance.

Rudrangi Movie Review

The Rudrangi Movie performances are uneven. However, Ashish Gandhi’s performance falls short since it lacks the intensity and power necessary to hold the audience’s attention. Ganavi Laxman, Vimala Raman, and Kalakeya Prabhakar are among the supporting actors who fall flat.

Plus Points

It can be claimed without a shadow of a doubt that Jagapathi Babu is the star of the show. The actor provided an exceptional performance that would be remembered for a very long time by viewers after getting under the skin of Bheem Rao’s character.

In the part of the villain, he is merciless, intimidating, and stunning. For his character, a fresh mannerism was created, and Jagapathi Babu just about nailed it. In numerous scenes, his performance was deserving of applause.

Rudrangi Movie Review

Ashish Gandhi was cast in a fantastic part and delivered an honest performance. It’s too good the way he rebels against Jagapathi Babu and expresses his rage. The second half is entirely focused on the character played by Ganavi Laxmi, who did a great job in her role. In her small position, Vimala Raman does admirably.

In her role as Jwala Bhai, Mamta Mohandas excelled. Every time she appeared, she ignited the screens with her ferocious performance, and the interval block in particular provided an adrenaline rush. The pace was quick and the first half was decent. The first hour had several exciting moments.

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Minus Points

Although the first half was excellent, the second half lacked drive. Despite the presence of the movie’s main topic, “Battle for self-respect,” there aren’t many exciting moments, which is a huge disappointment. Additionally, the rhythm slows down in the second half, giving the impression that the film is drawn out.

Rudrangi Movie Review

The conclusion could have come a little bit sooner. The film’s emotional parts were only passable, but they could have been presented in a better way to give the picture more cohesion. One wishes to see more of Mamta Mohandas after the first half, which was excellent. But regrettably, she has had a minor role the entire second half.

Technical Aspects

The sets accurately depict the bygone age thanks to the excellent work of the production design team. Santosh Shanamoni’s videography and Aayesha Mariam’s outfits are both exceptional. The music of Ais Nawal Raja is ok. The production qualities are excellent, and the editing is passable.

Rudrangi Movie Review

Ajay Samrat, the filmmaker, did a passable job with Rudrangi. He has written Bheem Rao in an excellent manner, and the casting choice was perfect. Ajay maintains his point throughout, although, after a strong first hour, the second half was somewhat lackluster. The action blocks and the emotions weren’t very strong.


Overall, Rudrangi is a historical play that aims to draw attention to the problem of tyranny. Although the first half is passable, the second half is subpar, which lessens the impact. Although Jagapathi Babu and Ashish Gandhi excel in their roles, the portrayal of the emotions was lacking. In the second half, Mamta Mohandas’ involvement is diminished. So Rudrangi turns out to be a passable movie to watch this weekend.