Selling Sunset Season 7 Spoilers: What Went Down The Road?

Selling Sunset Season 7 Spoilers

The highly anticipated return of Selling Sunset on Friday brought forth a thrilling new season filled with intense confrontations and shocking revelations. The ongoing feud between Nicole Young and Chrishell Stause escalated, while Nicole found herself embroiled in a heated quarrel with Emma Hernan.

Tensions ran high as Stause and Amanza Smith experienced a falling out following a tense dinner in Cabo. Additionally, Mary Bonnet faced a devastating emotional and physical loss, despite taking precautions. As the agents of The Oppenheim Group navigated through these dramatic moments, viewers were left captivated by the biggest highlights of season 7.

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What Are Some Of The Selling Sunset Season 7 Spoilers?

The tension is reaching new heights, friendships are taking a hit, and Mary Bonnet faces a heartbreaking loss despite taking precautions. As the agents navigate through personal and professional challenges, viewers are in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Get ready for the biggest moments and explosive drama as we delve into the captivating world of Selling Sunset.

1. Mary Bonnet’s Heartbreaking Miscarriage

Selling Sunset Season 7 Spoilers

Mary Bonnet, 43, experienced a rollercoaster of emotions when she discovered she was pregnant after a blissful trip to Bali with her husband, Romain Bonnet, in December 2022. However, their joy quickly turned to sorrow when, nine weeks later, they received the devastating news of a miscarriage during an ultrasound appointment.

Reflecting on their time in Bali, Mary expressed her excitement and admitted that she hadn’t considered the possibility of the pregnancy not progressing.

Despite taking numerous precautions, such as reducing stress and practicing yoga and meditation, Mary faced this heartbreaking loss. Sharing her journey on Instagram, she vowed to continue trying, demonstrating her unwavering hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

2. Chrishell Stause’s Unconventional Vegas Wedding 

Selling Sunset Season 7 Spoilers

In a surprising revelation, Chrishell Stause shares that she and G Flip exchanged vows in Las Vegas, officiated by an Elvis impersonator. Although the ceremony lacked legal paperwork, Stause emphasizes that the significance lies in their connection rather than the technicalities.

Looking towards the future, Stause expresses her excitement for what lies ahead, emphasizing the brightness of their journey together. In a heartfelt conversation with her sister, she discloses their plans to eventually adopt, highlighting their shared passion for expanding their family. Whether it be a baby or an older child, Stause remains open to the possibilities, eagerly awaiting the day when they can embark on their adoption journey together.

3. Nicole Young And Chrishell Stause’s Ongoing Feud

Selling Sunset Season 7 Spoilers

The animosity between Nicole Young, a seasoned O Group agent, and Chrishell Stause, who recently joined the show, continues to escalate in season 7. Last season, tensions arose when Young accused Stause of taking credit for her listings from three years ago.

The drama reaches its peak at Lazkani’s 30th birthday party when Emma Hernan confronts Young for labeling her a “social climber,” prompting Stause and Amanza Smith to join the heated conversation. Harsh insults are exchanged, with Stause delivering a cutting blow by referencing Young’s alleged cosmetic procedures. In retaliation, Young fires back, branding Stause an “awful person” before walking away, leaving their feud unresolved.

4. Bre Tiesi’s Shocking Confession

Selling Sunset Season 7 Spoilers

During a dinner with Chrishell Stause, Amanda Smith, and Emma Hernan, Bre Tiesi drops a bombshell that leaves her fellow castmates astounded. When asked about her celebrity crush, Smith quickly responds with “Michael B. Jordan.”

Tiesi then shocks everyone by confessing that she has slept with Jordan, causing Hernan to react with wide eyes and a mix of shock and excitement. Tiesi quickly clarifies that she was joking about sleeping with all her favorites, lightening the mood. This unexpected revelation adds another layer of intrigue to the conversation, leaving the group in awe of Tiesi’s surprising encounter with the A-list actor.

What Implications Will These Spoilers Have On Further Plot?

These spoilers from the latest season of Selling Sunset have the potential to significantly impact the plot of the show. The ongoing feuds between Nicole Young and Chrishell Stause, as well as the shocking revelations from Bre Tiesi, will likely continue to fuel the drama and tension among the cast.

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The fallout from these confrontations may lead to shifting alliances, strained relationships, and further confrontations in future episodes. Additionally, Mary Bonnet’s heartbreaking loss and Chrishell Stause’s plans for adoption introduce new emotional storylines that could shape the dynamics within the group.


As the curtains close on another thrilling season of Selling Sunset, viewers are left reeling from the tear-filled confrontations and jaw-dropping revelations that unfolded within the world of The Oppenheim Group. The bonds of friendship were tested, and the agents faced personal and professional challenges that pushed them to their limits.

As we bid farewell to this season, we eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for the agents of Selling Sunset, knowing that the future holds even more thrilling twists and turns. For more captivating content follow,

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