Sex Education Season 4 Review: A Worthy Addition to Your Watchlist!

Sex Education Season 4 Review

The much-anticipated fourth season of “Sex Education” has arrived, and fans are in for yet another wild ride through the hallways of Moordale Academy. This critically acclaimed series, known for its unapologetic exploration of the ups and downs of adolescent life, continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor, heartfelt storytelling, and candid discussions about sexuality.

“Sex Education” has always excelled in navigating the tumultuous world of teenage relationships and self-discovery, and Season 4 promises to be no exception. As we return to Moordale, we find the school in the midst of significant changes, with a new headteacher, Hope Haddon, challenging the institution’s traditional approach to sex education. These changes set the stage for a compelling clash of ideologies and a fresh wave of drama.

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Additionally, the central romance between Maeve and Otis remains a focal point, promising an emotional rollercoaster that fans have come to love. As we delve deeper into the lives of the students and educators of Moordale Academy, “Sex Education” Season 4 is sure to offer a mix of laughter, love, and valuable life lessons that will keep us engaged from start to finish. In this review, we’ll delve into the latest season of this groundbreaking series, discussing the themes, character developments, and the evolution of Moordale’s students as they navigate the tumultuous waters of adolescence.

A Quick Recap of Sex Education Season 4

Sex Education Season 4 Review

Before we dive into Season 4, let’s recap the previous season. Season 3 left us with numerous cliffhangers, including Maeve and Otis’s complicated relationship, Jean’s pregnancy, and the future of Moordale’s sex clinic. The anticipation was high as fans eagerly awaited answers to these burning questions.

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New Beginnings at Moordale

Sex Education Season 4 Review

Season 4 opens with Moordale Academy undergoing major changes. The school has a new headteacher, Hope Haddon, played brilliantly by Jemima Kirke, who brings a more conservative and authoritarian approach to the institution. Her no-nonsense attitude clashes with the open-minded values of Moordale’s former head, Michael Groff. This change in leadership sets the stage for much of the season’s drama.

Sex Education Season 4 Makes Strong Points About Accessibility

Sex Education Season 4 Review

In Season 3, Sex Education made a bold move by appointing George Robinson—the first actor with a disability—as the witty, irascible, and passionate Isaac, who also happens to be quadriplegic. This season, the show takes accessibility and discrimination to a new level by featuring a number of actors and storylines, particularly centered around Isaac and newcomer James as the deaf character Aisha.

In addition to casting actors with a range of disabilities in the roles of James and Robinson, Sex Education creates characters that are multifaceted and unique, avoiding problematic clichés and genuinely portraying individuals with disabilities in romantic or sexual settings on screen. With his new crush and Aisha’s several relationships in Season 4, Sex Education broadens the portrayal of Isaac’s sexual experience, which was so masterfully done in Season 3. However, Aisha and Isaac are complete characters that exist outside of their sexual relationships, just like the other members of the cast.

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The Evolution of The Sex Clinic

Sex Education Season 4 Review

Throughout the series, the student-run sex clinic has been a central element. Season 4 sees its transformation as it faces opposition from the new headteacher, Hope Haddon, who deems it inappropriate. This shift brings up essential questions about the role of sex education in schools, which are particularly relevant in today’s world.

The writers handle these themes with finesse, addressing the importance of open and honest discussions about sexual health and relationships among young people. The struggle to maintain the clinic adds depth to the overall narrative and reinforces the show’s commitment to tackling serious issues in a relatable and engaging manner.


“Sex Education” Season 4 is a rollercoaster of emotions, humor, and life lessons, captivating fans with its exploration of adolescent life and sexuality. New headteacher Hope Haddon challenges Moordale’s traditional approach to sex education, setting the stage for a clash of ideologies. The central romance between Maeve and Otis remains a highlight, and the show continues to excel in addressing complex issues with humor and sincerity. Season 4 explores accessibility through characters with disabilities and the evolution of the student-run sex clinic, providing a fresh take on contemporary issues in a relatable and engaging manner.

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