Shy Anime Release Date: Get Ready to Dive Into Shy Anime!

Prepare to be enraptured by a brand-new jewel in the world of animation, anime fans! “Shy,” an upcoming anime series, promises to transport viewers on an emotional roller coaster through the eyes of its endearing characters. “Shy” is destined to be a must-see for fans of all ages due to its captivating plot and exquisitely crafted animation. This article will explore what makes “Shy” so special, as well as disclose the eagerly anticipated release date.

Shy Anime Release Date

shy anime release date

Eight-Bit will produce the anime adaptation of SHY, with Masaomi Ando serving as director and Shino Shimoji as Shy/Teru Momijiyama. It is scheduled to premiere in October 2023. The manga, penned and illustrated by Bukimi Miki, debuted in Weekly Shonen Champion in 2019.

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Shy Anime Cast, Personnel

shy anime release date

It will be animated by Eight Bit, the studio responsible for programs such as That Time I Became a Slime and Blue Lock.

Now, more information about the anime has been disclosed, including the voice actor for the main character.

Teru Momijiyama (aka Shy) will be voiced by Shino Shimoji, who provided the vocal for Rum in Shadows House.

Along with the primary character, the director of the anime was also revealed. Masaomi Ando, the director of Astra Lost in Space and Scum’s Wish, is in charge of the series.

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