‘Sisi’ Season 3 Renewed by RTL: A Royal Romance Continues!

Sisi Season 3 Release Date

The German period drama Sisi season 3 has been ordered by the German network RTL. The show is based on the real-life love story of Austrian Empress Elisabeth, also known as “Sisi,” and her husband, Emperor Franz. The third season will be produced by Story House Pictures and Beta Film.

Swiss-American actor Dominique Devenport will play Sisi again, and Jannik Schümann will play Franz. You must have grown interested in them after watching a number of period plays. You didn’t? Take the time to watch the show Sisi if you haven’t already. A Germanic network brought the TV show Sisi to the Philippines.

Sisi, who are you? Before she became the Duchess of Bavaria, Elisabeth’s pet’s name was Sisi. One of my favorite plays is about Elisabeth’s life, and I can say that it is not boring at all. No, it’s actually very interesting and fun. Will Sisi run for office a third time? That’s the question.

Sisi Season 3 Renewed

There will be a third season of the epic show about the famous queen. What an exciting time! RTL Royal Period Drama ‘Sisi’ Renews for its Third Season. RTL+, a streaming service, has not yet announced when the new shows will begin.

In 2023, the new shows will still be shown on RTL+ and RTL, that much is possible. Sisi and Franz will be played by Dominique Devenport and Jannik Schümann again. Below is a list of the most important things you need to know about the third part of the series story.

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Sisi Season 3 Storyline Prediction

There is also not a lot of information about what will happen in the new season! Sisi and Franz’s love will be put to the test in the next scenes, according to the official season description. Arguments about how to educate Rudolf, the heir to the throne.

Sisi Season 3 Release Date

As Well Power Fights in Europe and Vienna’s Factories Make the Couple’s Lives Very Difficult. Another Important Test Is for Sisi Herself. how Is She Going to Do What She Needs to Do at Court, Fight for Her Family, and Not Give up On Herself? how Is She Going to Face Her Desire for Adventure?

Sisi Season 3 Cast: Actors Who Acted in Sisi?

Jannik Schumann plays Emperor Franz in Sisi, and Dominique Devenport plays either Elisabeth or Sisi.The group is very large. These people are the show’s main characters.

Sisi Season 3 Release Date

  • Desiree Nosbusch
  • David Korbmann
  • Tanja Schleiff
  • Giovanni Funiati
  • Jokubas Gutautas
  • Marcus Grusser
  • Paula Kober

Sisi Season 2 Synopsis

A lot of people liked Elisabeth of Bavaria. For many writers and artists, her love story has been the basis for new works. She was also the subject of a movie in the past. That was the only love story Sisi had. He fell in love with her when she went to Austria to see her sister get married.

Her famous love story is told in the TV period drama, which is sure to give you butterflies. Sisi shows how Elisabeth, the queen, changed over time to become the Empress of Austria. There were also problems in Sisi’s marriage that were shown in the show.

Sisi Season 3 Release Date

Things were not easy when she got married to Emperor Franz. People didn’t like her very much, so she had to go through many changes. Things that happened in her life after she married the Emperor of Austria, though, were emphasized on the show.

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Where to watch Sisi Season 3?

A TV show called Sisi has already had two seasons. On PBS right now you can stream Sisi. It has six episodes in both the first and second seasons. A miniseries could be called it. Yet, RTL+, a streaming service, has not yet announced when the new shows will begin. Usually, there will be six to eight episodes in Season 3. You can also watch Sisi on Hotstar and Amazon.


The popular German period drama “Sisi” is set to return for its third season, much to the excitement of its fans. The show revolves around the love story of Austrian Empress Elisabeth, also known as “Sisi,” and Emperor Franz.

While the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s expected to air on RTL+ and RTL in 2023. The series explores their love, challenges, and adventures in a historical setting. Dominique Devenport and Jannik Schümann reprise their roles as Sisi and Franz in this captivating series.

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