Six Feet Under Cast Season 1: Memorable Moments and Characters!

six feet under cast season 1

Alan Ball is the creator and producer of the American drama television series Six Feet Under. It ran for 63 episodes over five seasons on the premium network HBO in the United States, with a June 3, 2001 launch date and an August 21, 2005 finale. Along with their friends and lovers, it portrays the life of the Fisher family, who own and operate a funeral company in Los Angeles.

When it comes to unforgettable television series, “Six Feet Under” stands as a shining example of extraordinary storytelling, innovative television, and a brilliant ensemble cast. Premiering in 2001, this show offered a fresh perspective on the funeral industry and the lives of those who work within it. As we look back at the show’s first season, let’s revisit the talented cast that brought this darkly humorous and emotionally rich drama to life.

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Nate Fisher (Peter Krause)

six feet under cast season 1

The central character of “Six Feet Under,” Nate Fisher, was portrayed by the versatile Peter Krause. As the prodigal son who returns to the family funeral home after the death of his father, Krause’s portrayal was nothing short of mesmerizing. His performance showcased the complexity of Nate’s character as he navigated his tumultuous personal life and professional responsibilities. Krause’s nuanced acting earned him critical acclaim and endeared him to viewers.

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David Fisher (Michael C. Hall)

six feet under cast season 1

Michael C. Hall’s David Fisher, Nate’s older brother, is a character whose journey is marked by personal struggles and self-discovery. Hall’s portrayal was remarkable, as he skillfully depicted the challenges David faced as a closeted gay man working in a traditional family business. His performance was both touching and raw, making David one of the most beloved characters in the series.

Ruth Fisher (Frances Conroy)

six feet under cast season 1

Frances Conroy’s portrayal of Ruth Fisher, the matriarch of the Fisher family, was nothing short of extraordinary. As the grieving widow trying to hold her family together, Conroy captured the complexity of her character’s emotions, from deep sorrow to newfound independence. Her role in “Six Feet Under” earned her critical acclaim and a well-deserved Golden Globe award.

Claire Fisher (Lauren Ambrose)

six feet under cast season 1

Lauren Ambrose’s Claire Fisher, the youngest member of the Fisher family, brought a refreshing youthful perspective to the show. Claire’s character is rebellious, artistic, and always searching for her identity. Ambrose’s performance beautifully captured the challenges and growth of a teenager grappling with family dynamics and personal aspirations.

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Federico “Rico” Diaz (Freddy Rodriguez)

six feet under cast season 1

Freddy Rodriguez played Federico “Rico” Diaz, a skilled embalmer and funeral director who was also part of the Fisher family business. Rico’s character added depth and diversity to the cast, and Rodriguez’s portrayal depicted the challenges of being a person of color in a predominantly white profession. His character’s personal and professional struggles were portrayed with authenticity, making him a standout on the show.

Brenda Chenowith (Rachel Griffiths)

six feet under cast season 1

Rachel Griffiths took on the complex role of Brenda Chenowith, a character whose tumultuous relationship with Nate Fisher was central to the series. Brenda’s unconventional and mysterious personality added a layer of intrigue to the show, and Griffiths’ portrayal earned her critical acclaim and a Golden Globe award.

Keith Charles (Mathew St. Patrick)

six feet under cast season 1

Mathew St. Patrick played Keith Charles, David Fisher’s love interest and a Los Angeles police officer. Keith’s character added an essential element to the show by exploring themes of love, acceptance, and the challenges of being in a same-sex relationship. St. Patrick’s performance was heartfelt and genuine, making him a fan favorite.

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The Guest Stars

“Six Feet Under” was also known for its impressive array of guest stars, including iconic actors like Richard Jenkins, Joanna Cassidy, and Jeremy Sisto. These guest appearances added depth and complexity to the series, further enhancing the storytelling and character dynamics.


The first season of “Six Feet Under” introduced us to a remarkable cast that brought the Fisher family and their associates to life. Their exceptional performances elevated the show to new heights, and their characters’ personal journeys resonated with audiences on a profound level.

As we look back at this groundbreaking series, we can’t help but appreciate the incredible talent and dedication of the “Six Feet Under” cast from season 1. Their portrayal of complex, flawed, and relatable characters made this show a memorable and enduring piece of television history. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing this series, it’s time to dive into the world of the Fishers and discover the brilliance of this remarkable cast for yourself.

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