The Baby Dragon Tames The Crazy People Chapter 21 Release Date- Updates Of The Korean Manhwa!

Korean Manhwa series have recently won the hearts of readers all around the world with their breathtaking artwork and fascinating content. Among these popular series is “The Baby Dragon Tames the Crazy People,” which has a devoted audience that awaits each new chapter with bated breath. In this article, we will discuss the Chapter 21 publication date as well as offer a summary of the series. While there is no official English version, enthusiasts can discover translations on numerous websites. So, let’s take a look at this must-read series that has gained tremendous praise and accolades.

The Baby Dragon Tames The Crazy People Chapter 21 Release Date

The Baby Dragon Tames The Crazy People Chapter 21 Release Date

Fans of “The Baby Dragon Tames the Crazy People” should rejoice! The official release date for Chapter 21 has been set for August 10, 2023. After much waiting, viewers can now rest easy knowing that their favorite series is back with the long-anticipated new chapter. While the English translation may take some time because the original chapters are only available in Korean, fans may still anticipate the continuation of this must-read story. “The Baby Dragon Tames the Crazy People” promises to give a fresh and exciting reading experience with its unique plot and stunning artwork. Let’s go into the specifics and prepare for the impending release!

Where to Read?

This popular Korean Manhwa series was authored by Eun Ryeowon and drawn by Pingbok. Fans may immerse themselves in this fascinating universe by accessing all 20 chapters, including the most recent update, on KakaoPage. In this post, we will look at the creative brains behind the series as well as where readers can get the chapters. In addition, we’ll talk about the availability of the raw scan for the next chapter, which will help create anticipation for the next episode.

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Korean Manhwa’s Growing Popularity

In recent years, Korean Manhwa has grown in popularity, enthralling readers with its aesthetically appealing artwork and rich stories. The medium combines traditional manga with Western comic book inspirations to create a distinct aesthetic that appeals to a worldwide audience. Korean Manhwa, with its complex storytelling and exquisite artwork, has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the world of comics and graphic novels.

The Plot of Chapter 21

The Baby Dragon Tames The Crazy People Chapter 21 Release Date

Thalassa’s narrative, as Empress of Atlantis, is a riveting tale of power, passion, and treachery. Thalassa is the ruler of Atlantis, a wonderful kingdom teaming with gorgeous water animals. She has absolute power and reigns supreme over all others. Two men named Kaartan and Doom helped her manage her empire. Kaartan is referred to as “The Wise Man,” whereas Doom is regarded as “The First General.” Thalassa lives blissfully with her two pals, with whom she is romantically involved.

However, as is frequently the case, perfection and pleasure do not endure forever. In this narrative, Kaartan and Doom develop affections for one other and become closer as time passes. They will have a huge challenge, though, because Thalassa does not approve of their love. They resolve to eliminate Thalassa from the scene in order to clear their route. To do this, they cast a magical spell that puts Thalassa to sleep for a thousand years.
As we wait to see what happens next, the tale takes an intriguing turn.


“The Baby Dragon Tames the Crazy People” has risen to prominence in the world of Korean Manhwa, enthralling readers with its stunning artwork and uplifting tale. While fans anticipate the publication of Chapter 21, it is crucial to recognize the series’ popularity and excellent reviews thus far. Because the English edition is not publicly accessible, fans may enjoy this must-read series by finding translations on other websites. Keep an eye on official sources for release date updates, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of “The Baby Dragon Tames the Crazy People.”

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