The Curse of Oak Island Season 11 Release Date: Epic Discoveries Await!

“Prepare for an exhilarating new adventure as ‘The Curse of Oak Island‘ returns for its highly anticipated eleventh season! The Lagina brothers and their devoted team of experts return to investigate the enigmatic Oak Island, revealing the secrets of a mysterious treasure quest.

Prepare for another season of fascinating discoveries, puzzling riddles, and captivating history. Mark the release date on your calendars and prepare to enter a world of suspense and exhilaration!”

The Curse of Oak Island Season 11 Release Date

the curse of oak island season 11 release date

According to Premiere Date News, Season 11 of The Curse of Oak Island is scheduled to conclude in 2023, but no release date has yet been announced. However, the History Channel has not yet made an official announcement regarding the show’s future.

According to Premier Date, its belief that the show will premiere on time is based on the fact that its host, Matty Blake, will shortly address the cast of the reality series about the upcoming season.

In terms of the show’s schedule, History has been extremely reliable. Since the show’s debut in 2014, a new season has always premiered in the same year that the previous one concluded. Except for the first season, which began in January 2014, all subsequent seasons began in November from 2014 to 2022, totaling seasons two through ten. It does not matter whether the previous season concluded in January, February, March, April, or May.

Based on the information presented, it is feasible that Curse of Oak Island Season 11 will premiere in November 2023.

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Season 11 of Curse of Oak Island Has Not Been Canceled

the curse of oak island season 11 release date

The reality series on the HISTORY Channel has not been terminated, contrary to the fears of the show’s devoted fans. However, it has not been officially renewed, despite the fact that the eleventh season of the show will shortly begin.

There are critics who believe the series should be canceled at this time, despite the fact that it continues to garner a large fan base and calls for another renewal.

This is because, on the one hand, they believe the show is veering away from its primary purpose of locating treasures in favor of sensationalism, and, on the other hand, the show has dragged on for so long without discovering a vast cache of treasures in addition to the various items discovered.

Regardless, all fingers are still crossed to see what History Channel and the show’s producers will do for the eleventh season.

Where Can I Stream Curse of Oak Island?

The Curse of Oak Island is currently available to stream on various online platforms in various methods. It is available for ad-free streaming on DIRECTV, History, Peacock Premium, Hulu, Discovery Plus, Amazon, and Channel, among others.

You can access the series for free with advertisements on a number of other platforms, including The Roku Channel and Tubi TV, in addition to the aforementioned premium platforms. Fans can also purchase “The Curse of Oak Island” through downloads from Amazon Video, Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play Movies, and Microsoft Store, among others.

Subsequent seasons of the show, including the highly anticipated Season 11 of Curse of Oak Island, may also be streamable on all of the aforementioned platforms. Due to geo-blocking, the reality documentary series may not be accessible in some geographic locations.

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How Many Episodes Does One Season of Curse of Oak Island Contain?

the curse of oak island season 11 release date

There are five episodes in The Curse Oak Islands’ first season. The reality television series premiered on January 5, 2014, and ran until February 9, 2014, when the final episode of the first season aired. What Lies Below is the first episode of the first season, while The Find is the last.

The Mystery of Smith’s Cove, which was the second episode of the season, was followed by Voices from the Grave and The Secret of Solomon’s Temple, which were the third and fourth episodes, respectively.

The first season has the fewest episodes thus far, followed by the second with 10 episodes and the third with 13 episodes. Each of the next two seasons contained 16 episodes. The sixth and seventh seasons of the series contain 22 and 23 episodes, respectively, while the following three seasons each contain 25 episodes.

The Curse of Oak Island has a total of 180 episodes between its first and tenth seasons. In addition, Beyond Oak Island has eight episodes in the first season, eight episodes in the second season, and twelve episodes in the third season.

The Conclusion

Fans of The Curse of Oak Island anxiously anticipate each new season in the hopes that it will be the one in which the greatest Oak Island mystery is resolved. The program has a large fan base due to its intriguing subject matter and unique presentation. With Rick, Marty, and their team directing treasure-hunting efforts and making thrilling scientific discoveries, viewers are always captivated by Oak Island’s mysteries.

The Curse of Oak Island has captivated audiences for nearly a decade with its mysterious plot and exhilarating adventures. The team’s pursuit of the Oak Island treasure, led by the determined Lagina brothers, has kept viewers captivated and speculating about what lies beneath.

As we anticipate the upcoming season, let’s gird ourselves for yet another round of enthralling discoveries and the possibility of finally uncovering the island’s legendary secret.

26 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island Season 11 Release Date: Epic Discoveries Await!”

  1. I have watched every episode since 2014…what are they doing?they have the non winter months which include may to November… they have at least 12 hours a day…they. Waste a lot of time (called milking it)…they repeat and repeat the history of oak island, which we’re all tired of hearing. the garden shaft and the ensuing tunnel are found…so what’s the excuse now…the treasure is there ,So 24 hours should be used everyday with 3 shifts of workers…you have the scientists, you have the expert mining company…no more excuses please,no more Samuel ball,no more Gary playing Indiana jones on the other parts of the island…that a whole nother show…oh by the way!?who made the curse, where did that come from???and where did the stone go.from a store window to the backyard of a home.It just disappeared…I don’t buy it…it has to be somewhere…geees….the treasure is found they just half to go get it…send high tech robots thru the tunnels from the blob end and from the garden shaft end…the railroads had golden spike ,you have the greatest treasure so let’s get it doneNow now now,please .thankyou Ricky and Marty a true brotherhood

    • only one reason y’all would cancel oak Island. Is if they found it. And there’s things to be hidden from the public. As it happens often.

    • Wow, what a negative and ridiculous thing to say. Couldn’t DISagree with you more! We love the show exactly the way it is. AND, we agree with Rick that discovering the history and happenings of the island is just as important as discovering whatever it is that was hidden on the island and why. Possibly changing the history of our country as we know it even. All things learned from the island are extremely culturally and historically significant. Not only for our own country, but also several others that have ties to the island and it’s story. So, don’t watch if that’s what you think. But leave the show as is for the rest of us that love it!

      • I agree..the history…along with any treasures.
        The fact that men dug this hole,. finding antiquities…
        Don’t stop digging.

        Some of you who find repetitive..
        Change the channel..

  2. I can’t wait for season 11. This has to be the year to find the treasure. I had free watching since the first show. I am not going to stop now!!!! Love you guys!!

  3. I have been watching the show from the beginning. I love it. I anticipate waiting for the next one. I am anxiously awaiting for season 11. The Curse of Oak Island is my favorite show on television.

  4. I don’t care if they ever find treasure. I like the history. I like the techniques to scientifically evaluate items they show. I like the archeology. Don’t give a rip about treasure. The history of the place is the treasure – so is sitting down once a week with my husband and spending time together eating popcorn and watching the show. Please keep the seasons coming.

    • I couldn’t have said it better! Everything they find reveals another important phase of this tiny Island! I read the story printed in Readers Digest so long ago – early to mid 1960s. When I found out the hunt was still on, I have watched every episode. It also compels me to start digging in my own backyard!!

    • So true; even when going on about things over & over I observe new things or remember something I’d forgotten. We can learn so much from the past and how the past can effect the present & future.
      Really enjoy the show AND the spin offs. Please remember that The Curse of Oak Island is a tv show; not a short documentary; that is 1hr long. There has to be filler, otherwise the episode would be about 20min long and only 3 or 4 episodes long.

  5. Even tho finding actual treasure WILL be exciting I’m in it for the history! “It’s not always the destination but the journey!” Can’t wait for season 11 (fall 2023). The Lagina Brothers & team have spent a great deal of $$$, time & effort pursuing this treasure. As far as I’m concerned THEY are the treasure & I & my family deeply appreciate them all. Go Traverse City!

  6. Really getting old, more flashbacks
    than new scenes. Think it is time to dig yet LOL. And please Lord, Rick & Marty …….. enough of the Gary Dradden crap, he is a great
    detectorist, but jeez. If you have signals around the garden shaft, &
    it’s scientifically proven, shit man
    do any of you really believe that if
    something like the Holy Grail was
    discovered the public would ever get to see it? Like the first commenter you’ve about milked this to death. And yes, one of your biggest fans, but y’all are really starting to let us down.

  7. Enough of the flashback shows, enough of the cliff hangers. Run 24 hour shifts and dig the entire area out until the prize is found, please 😔

  8. Love the show, and can’t wait for season 11. All the knuckleheads that say dig 24/7 don’t care about keeping people or the treasure intact. There’s definitely more to the island than meets the eye. I’ve been interested in the island ever since I read about it in a story by Frank Edwards when I was just a kid, many, many years ago. You guys keep digging, your devoted fans will keep watching. stay safe.

  9. There is an Isle in the North Atlantic that beckons believers, dreamers and romantics. They seek a treasure long since lost, and aim to find it at any cost. They dig, they drill, they slog through muck, but thus far without much luck. Although they’ve found some artifacts, it’s true treasure that they lack. With drill bits bent and millions spent, they wonder where the treasure went. In this quest they are all immersed, and we wonder if they are so cursed. And while we anticipate each new episode, we pray they find the Oak Island motherload!

  10. If they find a treasure of importance then we will hear about it before the show ever airs so if we don’t hear something then you can assume another season of spikes and ox shoes.

  11. Love the show. My husband and I have watched it since the beginning. Even when I had to travel for cancer surgery, we didn’t miss a show. I love all the history! Can’t wait for season 11! Good job fellowship of the dig!

  12. Common sense dictates that the treasure was found a long time ago.
    My guess is that the treasure was found by Daniel McGinnis in 1799, a few feet into the ground and any gold found by whoever found it was most likely kept secret to avoid taxes, melted down and sold, therefore, there is probably no treasure left to be found. It is a waste of time to continue pretending to find treasure that doesn’t exist anymore. The notion that anybody would go to the trouble of burying anything of value over 100 feet into the ground with elaborate flood tunnels is ridiculous and to believe otherwise is unreasonable since whoever buried it in the first place surely would want to go back to recover it. I suspect that season 11 will be the final season of this show after no treasure is found again.

  13. Love the show! The history is amazing. I can’t wait for season eleven. Thank you to everyone involved in the project. It is so fascinating.

  14. I love Oak Island I have watched every week and couldn’t wait for the next. I agree the history is more important than the treasure. Can’t wait for November!

  15. I, too, read the story in the 1965 Readers Digest that sent the Lagina brothers on this quest, so I have been watching the series with great interest and anticipation. Even if they ultimately don’t find any “treasure” per se, I hope they at least manage to unearth the ship buried in the swamp–at least enough to find out what the cargo hold is stuffed with. I feel that that would give them a lot of their answers.


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