The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Release Date Confirmed: Get Ready to Shear Delight!

The Kingdoms of Ruin anime just released its official trailer, which shows a lot of the story, the cast, and even the date that the show will come out. Examine all the information available about one of the most anticipated anime series of 2023, Hametsu no Oukoku.

As he watches the death of his beloved instructor and swears vengeance on the empire responsible, Adonis, an apprentice witch, is followed throughout the novel. If you enjoy exciting and thought-provoking anime, you should definitely watch The Kingdoms of Ruin since it promises to be a fierce war between magic and science.

Adonis vows vengeance on the world for robbing him of his true inspiration after witnessing his mentor fall victim to this vicious hunt. Learn all there is to know about The Kingdoms of Ruin anime in this article, including information on when it will air and whether a trailer will be available.

The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Release Date Confirmed

The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Release Date

On February 2023, the official website for the manga, Kingdoms of Ruin, unveiled the first teaser poster for the anime along with the formal announcement that it was officially in development. This is the official announcement of the series’ release date.

The Kingdoms of Ruin is scheduled to launch in October 2023, as per an announcement made on the manga’s official website on March 24, 2023.  Beginning on October 7, 2023, it will air on MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS during the Animeism programming block. 

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The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Cast

We do know who is playing a few important roles below, even if the full cast of the show has not yet been revealed:

The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Release Date

The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Storyline

The following sums up Seven Seas’ account of the tale. As a result of a sophisticated scientific revolution, the powers of witches are no longer necessary for humanity to live in harmony with them. Feeling enraged and afraid, the world’s most powerful country launches an intense witch hunt, eventually driving out every witch.

Witch’s apprentice Adonis vows vengeance on the empire that robbed him of everything after being made to witness the death of his beloved teacher. The exciting new manga series features a brutal conflict between magic and science.

The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Release Date

Times have changed, though. Since current technology has advanced, both of these techniques are now out of date. To rescue humanity from the devastation of magic, the powerful Redia Empire launched a bloody hunt to exterminate every witch.

Adonis was a young boy engaging in apprenticeship as a witch at the beginning of the journey. Following her death at the imperial command, Adonis vows retaliation. Blood will appear due to the power of this furious magician! An epic struggle between magic and science is about to begin.

Where to Watch the Kingdom of Ruin Anime?

The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Release Date

First airing on the MBS, TBS, BS-TBS, and AT-X networks, the anime is scheduled to debut on October 6. In the interim, Crunchyroll has not formally approved of its release.

At one point, we witness Adonis engage in combat with a massive mecha during a city battle, demonstrating how effectively they’ve portrayed the dramatic conflict between the humans’ technical progress and the older witchcraft.

Is there any The Kingdoms of Ruin Trailer Released Yet?

That’s right, if you’re excited about the anime, check out the little teaser that’s been released on YouTube.

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“The Kingdoms of Ruin” is dropping this October 2023, and they’ve even teased us with a trailer. Is Adonis on a revenge mission in a world torn between magic and science? Count me in! It’s gonna be an epic watch, so let’s get hyped and save the date!

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