The Story Of A Scary Consignee Chapter 4 Release Date- Gear Up For The Upcoming Chapter 4

Yorima Riyo’s manga “The Story of a Scary Consignee.” It’s exciting to learn that the series will premiere on Pixiv, an online publication platform recognized for its support of artists, on June 16, 2023. The manga series has been serialized in digital format starting June 2023. It’s worth noting that the manga’s creator uploads a new chapter every Friday on their official Twitter account. The series now contains three chapters, the most recent of which was released. It’s thrilling to watch the manga’s growth and see how the tale develops.

The Story of a Scary Consignee Chapter 4 Release Date

the story of a scary consignee chapter 4 release date

It’s a fantastic news! Fans of The Story of a Scary Consignee must be overjoyed to learn that it has been renewed for a second season. When a favorite anime gets the chance to continue its tale, it’s always thrilling. The first season, which debuted in June, must have left people anxious for more. It’s nice to learn that fan love and support were a factor in the decision to bring it back.

“The Story of a Scary Consignee” appears to have a gripping and attractive plot that will appeal to a large audience. The mix of a deep love tale and friendship themes gives complexity to the anime, making it popular and well-liked. Fans may look forward to the release of the fourth chapter on August 11, 2023.

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Where to read this series?

That’s fantastic news! The first three chapters of the manga appear to be free to read on Pixiv’s official website and the creator’s official Twitter account. This allows people to receive a sample of the narrative for free. On July 9, Setsu Scans published the first chapter of the manga in English translation, making it available to viewers in other countries. It’s wonderful to know that the English translation of the second chapter is set to be released on July 16, so fans may continue to enjoy the manga in English.

The Plot of Chapter 3

the story of a scary consignee chapter 4 release date

In “The Story of a Scary Consignee,” we follow a part-time meal delivery worker who enjoys isolation and works in the countryside. He receives a delivery order one day. His nervousness grows as he approaches the appointed address. A terrible feeling engulfs him, foreshadowing an oncoming disaster. When he arrives at the destination, he is met by a towering and menacing woman. Fear grips him, and he drops the command and escapes without dealing with her.

But fate has other intentions, as the same woman puts a new order. The delivery person musters the strength to return to the location and engage in a proper dialogue with her, determined to conquer their phobia. They had no idea how deeply this experience would affect their lives. This fascinating and reflective chapter deserves careful consideration.


The Story of a Scary Consignee appears to be an interesting manga with an original theme. The blend of romance, humor, and slice-of-life components promises to be a fun read. Because the primary character is a deliveryman, there are more options to introduce new people and explore other narratives. It’s fascinating that the deliveryman meets his idol, implying that the narrative may take some unexpected twists and turns.

As they negotiate their relationship and confront numerous problems together, this meeting has the potential to contribute to character development for both the deliveryman and the imposing woman. Overall, The Story of a Scary Consignee appears to have the potential to be a gripping manga, integrating romance, comedy, and slice-of-life moments while concentrating on the characters’ progress.

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