Top 10 Best Anime Like Rent a Girlfriend to Watch: Chasing Love and Laughs!

The protagonist of Rent-a-Girlfriend is a college student named “Kazuya” who is abruptly dumped by his lovely girlfriend “Mami.” In an effort to find solace, he chooses to hire a rental girlfriend. Kazuya believes “Chizuru,” a goddess-like girl he rents out, is the woman he must now date after she spends a beautiful day with him.

He quickly learns, however, that she is only doing this to win the customer’s love, and he gives her a poor rating. They both discover they are enrolled in the same college as a result of a series of events, and Chizuru assumes a different persona. Later, Kazuya finds out that Chizuru is working hard to achieve her goals.

Things become more difficult when Chizuru is suddenly revealed to be Kazuya’s girlfriend in front of his grandma. Kazuya is likewise smitten by any cute woman who is a little open with him. Here are 11 anime series that are similar to Rent-a-Girlfriend in terms of theme or proximity to the series’ various elements.

1. The Quintessential Quintuplets

Similar “Harem” and “Comedy” settings can be found in The Quintessential Quintuplets and Rent-a-girlfriend. A bright but impoverished youngster named “Uesugi” is the focus of the television series. He makes an adversary after he picks a fight in the cafeteria with a girl named “Itsuki”.

But soon after, he is forced to accept a job offer as a private tutor due to his family’s circumstances. The only catch is that he must teach Itsuki, his adversary, and her other four quintuplets. Despite the fact that they are all terrible students, he must force them all to graduate.

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2. Nisekoi: False Love

One of the most well-known romantic series is Nisekoi: False Love, which, like Rent-a-girlfriend, does a decent job of parodying the “Harem” subgenre. And like Rent-a-girlfriend, the main character is initially viewed as a loser by the female, who later discovers his love for her.

Raku, on the other hand, has a crush on a different student, and more women begin to show up to be his bride. In order to discover her ideal soul partner among a group of attractive girls with diverse personalities, our protagonist begins her journey through life.

3. TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You

The Rom-com style is the same in Tonikaku Kawaii and Rent-a-girlfriend. A remarkable youngster named “Nasa,” a genius accidentally runs into a truck one day but is stopped by a stunning woman named “Tsukasa.”

He pursues Tsukasa and professes his love at first sight despite the fact that his head is still bleeding. She declines his invitation because they can only date if they are already wed. They are married and begin living together as a result, making little sense of the circumstances.

Top 10 Anime Like Rent a Girlfriend

This anime is by far the easiest one so far. On this list, this might be the top romantic comedy. It is extremely endearing that two young people of opposite sexes are living together for the first time and getting to know one another.

4. Golden Time

Following “Banri,” a farm lad with amnesia who knows very little about his family and birthplace, is the story of Golden Time. He goes to Tokyo to study law, where he meets “Mitsuo,” a young person his age. He inspires him to keep moving forward in life.

Occasionally, Banri runs across “Kuoko,” a childhood acquaintance of Mitsuo’s who adores him and aspires to be his wife. The journey of Banri continues in this manner as he learns new things about himself while experiencing a romance for the first time.

5. A Couple of Cuckoos

As they are both disturbed by something, “Nagi,” a high school brilliant boy, and “Erika,” a high school social media sensation, eventually cross paths. However, they both feel they might be friends and have similar vibes.

Top 10 Anime Like Rent a Girlfriend

However, they subsequently discover that they were switched at birth, and as a result, their families want them to reunite with their original families by being married to one another and bringing both families together so that they can grow without any issues.

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6. Love and Lies

The Love and Lies anime is set in the future when the government determines which couples will get married based on how compatible they are according to their calculations for a successful union. When a person turns 16, the government gives them a notice identifying their preferred partner.

A high school student named “Nejima” has a crush on his classmate “Misaki,” but he is afraid of his impending attention because of this. Even though Nejima observes his note and realizes that his intended mate is not Misaki, he continues to confess to her.

7. Horimiya

The public perception of “Miyamura,” a high school male, and “Hori,” a high school girl, is quite different from how they actually behave. They resolve to keep their real identities a secret from the rest of the school after learning each other’s true identities one day.

Top 10 Anime Like Rent a Girlfriend

They become closer as a result, and they begin to develop feelings for one another. The phony relationship aspect is not followed, but, like Rent-a-Girlfriend, the main characters conceal their identities from others.

8. Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki

“Tomozaki” is a withdrawn high school student. He regularly plays the game “Tack Fam,” paying little attention to socializing, and has become an expert at it. He receives a request to meet a top Tack Fam player one day.

Top 10 Anime Like Rent a Girlfriend

When they finally meet in person, Tomozaki is stunned to discover that the best player is his stunning classmate “Aoi.” Following her disappointment at learning that Tomozaki is the game’s best player, Aoi makes the decision to influence Tomozaki and assist him in winning the real-world game of life.

9. Boarding School Juliet

The setting of this anime is the elite Dahlia Academy, which enrolls students from two competing nations. The leaders of their dorms and representatives of their nations in the academy are “Inuzuka,” a boy from an Eastern country, and “Persia,” a female from a Western country.

Top 10 Anime Like Rent a Girlfriend

Inuzuka expresses his love for Persia when he invites her out for a late-night match one day. And despite it being challenging, these two lovers begin to date while there is still hostility between their nations. It is a decent rom-com anime despite having an entirely different scenario from Rent-a-Girlfriend.

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10. Toradora

It is a dated yet beloved 2000s Rom-Com. The narrative centers on “Ryuuji,” a diligent high school student who faces prejudice primarily due to his ominous appearance. He meets the fierce tomgirl “Taiga” on his first day of school, and they quickly develop a dislike for one another.

As a result, they become friends with benefits. However, things don’t go as planned since they begin to feel something for one another. You will undoubtedly enjoy this slow-paced, calming romantic series with a slice-of-life feel.

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