Top 10 Thriller Web Series On Netflix: Binge-Watch The Best Thrillers With You Popcorn!

This genre’s capacity to get your pulse racing and keep you on the edge of your seat makes it one of the most popular. The stories range from political circumstances to high-intensity action sequences, and Netflix provides a plethora of selections to fit your preferences.

Over the years, the streaming platform has created numerous legendary thriller series that have had a lasting influence on fans all around the world. Below is the list of the top 10 thrillers that you can binge-watch.


The premise of the Netflix series “You” revolves around Joe Goldberg, a charming yet disturbed bookstore manager who becomes infatuated with a young woman named Guinevere Beck. Joe’s infatuation quickly turns into an obsession as he uses social media and other means to gather information about Beck, infiltrating her life and manipulating events to get closer to her.
The series explores the dark side of human nature, delving into themes of obsession, love, and the blurred lines between them.

Stranger Things

The idea of blockbuster Netflix series “Stranger Things” takes viewers on a fascinating trip filled with mystery, unexplained happenings, and wonderful friendships set in the 1980s in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. The narrative opens with the disappearance of Will Byers, a shy and creative twelve-year-old child who goes missing one night after playing Dungeons & Dragons with his pals Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. As his friends and family urgently hunt for him, they come across a sequence of bizarre happenings that indicate something supernatural is at work.

Pieces Of Her

Pieces of Her is a fast-paced mystery that encourages the spectator to guess the truth at every step. Pieces of Her tells the story of a daughter (Heathcote) who discovers that her mother (Collette) has a dark background that is only now coming to light. Pieces of Her assembles an interesting jigsaw with exciting and unexpected twists across eight captivating episodes.

Dare Me

Dare Me was an unfortunately short-lived drama thriller created by Gina Fattore and based on Megan Abbott’s interesting novel. Dare Me hauntingly investigates how the lives of high students and their coaches may become linked in a slow-burn drama loaded with surprising surprises, focusing on a group of young competitive cheerleaders and their new coach (Willa Fitzgerald). Dare Me, which co-stars Fitzgerald, Herizen Guardiola, Marlo Kelly, and Rob Heaps, unveils dark, interesting truths within each episode, allowing the series’ melancholy aesthetic to compliment the sometimes superficial representations of small-town sports.

The Midnight Club

Ilonka sought treatment at Brightcliffe Hospice after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Soon after, Ilonka learns about the midnight gatherings in the library conducted by “The Midnight Club,” a group of terminally ill youngsters who relate a new ghost story every night. Ilonka joins the group and agrees to the existing pact: whoever dies first will return to reveal the mysteries of the afterlife, if one exists, with the rest.

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The Glory

Moon Dong-Eun is a homeroom teacher at Samyeong Elementary School, but she was once a pupil who was bullied mercilessly by a gang of delinquents led by the affluent brat Park Yeon-Jin. After being exposed to physical and emotional agony on a daily basis, Dong-Eun vowed to resist the bullies. However, seeking assistance from the authorities would be futile, since her bullying would only worsen. Dong-Eun would try suicide with burn marks on her arms and legs and lasting scars on her psyche, only to fail because she lacked the confidence to do it.

Girl from Nowhere

Girl From Nowhere is a Thai drama notable for its distinct portrayal of modern high schools. The storylines in the show portray female students being victimized and are based on true events. Unlike in real life, however, the protagonist in the program avenges the victims. The show follows Nanno, a teenager who constantly switches schools in order to expose the hypocrisy and lying of both pupils and instructors at private schools in Thailand. Nanno sometimes disregards morals in order to punish others for their unethical actions.

The Snow Girl

It all begins with a happy event, the Three Wise Men Parade in 2010 when the Martin family’s joy turns to terror when their daughter Amaya goes missing. Miren, a trainee journalist, joins the inquiry into the disappearance of Inspector Milán. Throughout the suspenseful inquiry, key portions of Miren’s background emerge as she seeks to identify Amaya with the assistance of her journalist colleague Eduardo.

Silent Sea 

The Silent Sea, Korea’s first Sci-Fi space thriller, is set in a fictitious future when Earth has suffered significant desertification, resulting in a disastrous lack of water and food. The storyline then focuses on an elite squad chosen for a covert trip to the moon. This mission will collect critical samples from the moon’s Balhae Station, where 117 people were murdered in a mystery catastrophe five years ago. When the team arrives at the station, they discover an element similar to water that multiplies rapidly when it comes into contact with live cells and they are attacked by a superhuman female who appears to be immune to the effects of the lunar water.

Red Rose

The series’ creators, Michael, and Paul Clarkson, want to tell a story that reflects the anxiety and crushing expectations that come with graduating from high school and entering the adult world, and they capture that idea with a smartphone app called “Red Rose,” which forces users to perform tasks or face deadly consequences. The heroine, Amelia Clarkson, is the right vessel through which viewers can experience a dark and twisted thriller that rushes at breakneck pace across ominous territory.


We combined the depths of Netflix to find the best 10 series that should be on your binge list. We hope you will enjoy the above-mentioned Netflix thrillers.

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