McDonalds Halloween Trick ‘N’ Treat McFlurry- Limited Availability Grab Now!

McDonalds Halloween Trick 'N' Treat McFlurry
McDonald’s is set to delight customers once again with a new and tantalizing addition to their menu: the Trick ‘N Treat McFlurry. This special edition version of the beloved dessert features creamy vanilla soft serve, swirled with rich hot fudge and topped with crushed orange Smarties, those delightful candy-coated chocolates. However, there’s a slight disappointment for fans outside of Canada, as this spooky McFlurry will only be available in the Great White North for now.
The McDonald’s Canada Twitter account recently gave a sneak peek of this delectable treat, sharing an animated GIF showcasing the McFlurry overflowing in a Halloween-themed cup adorned with skeleton hands forming a heart. The caption playfully invited daring customers to try the Trick ‘N Treat McFlurry, promising a spooky and sweet experience.

McDonalds Halloween Trick ‘N’ Treat McFlurry

A McDonald’s customer who had the chance to try the Trick ‘N Treat McFlurry shared their review, expressing their enjoyment of the dessert but lamenting the absence of the spooky Halloween-themed cup. Although the limited availability of the McFlurry in Canada may feel like a trick to some, McDonald’s has some treats in store for U.S.-based fans this Halloween.
The beloved Boo Buckets are making a comeback for the holiday season, featuring four designs: an orange skeleton, a white mummy, a purple vampire, and a green Frankenstein-like monster. These festive buckets will be available starting October 17th.
While McDonald’s doesn’t offer any Halloween-themed food items in the U.S., other popular fast food chains are stepping up to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. Sonic is introducing the Trick or Treat Blast, a delightful milkshake filled with M&Ms, pieces of Heath bars, and Oreo cookie crumbles blended into either vanilla or chocolate soft-serve ice cream.


McDonald’s Halloween Trick ‘N’ Treat McFlurry has successfully added a touch of Halloween magic to its menu, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its potential expansion to other locations. With its unique flavors and festive appeal, this limited edition McFlurry has become a must-try for those seeking a deliciously spooky treat during the Halloween season.